MAC Ocean City Ombre Blush Review

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I’m always excited over new makeup but I can’t even put in words how excited I was to get my hands on one of the limited edition MAC Proenza Schouler ombre blushes! All of MAC’s limited edition pieces are quite difficult to get your hands but these blushes were like unicorn status. Many have heard of their awesomeness but very few have actually gotten a chance to experience all the ombre goodness. 

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Ocean City Ombre Blush comes in limited edition couture packaging that features a shiny metal squared rainbow gradient design. Like Mangrove, I thought the packaging would be pretty bulky but it’s actually not. Ocean City has a rather slim design that’s lightweight and feels very good in the hand. My only complaints are that it’s a fingerprint magnet and kind of hard to open . It’s very easy to wipe clean but I’m still not too keen on seeing my prints all over it. Especially when I can’t keep my paws off of it! I noticed some ladies mentioned a little struggle opening their ombre blushes. The key seems to be to open it from the corner. Trying to open it from the center gave me a little trouble but I was able to pop it right open when I switched my approach.

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The blush itself is just gorgeous! I’ve never tried an ombre blush before Ocean City so you can only imagine how long I stared at it with drooling before I could even bring myself to touch it. MAC really knocked these blushes out of the park! Ocean City is described as a tan and vivid orange combo but I find it to be more of a tan and coral mix. When swirled together, Ocean City looks like more of a bright reddish coral on my skin tone. I was expecting it to lean more orange but I’m actually quite happy that it doesn’t. I have a ton of orange blushes (they’re a fave of mine) so I like that it’s a unique addition to my stash.

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When I first tried to swatch Ocean City I was a little worried because it felt very hard and stiff. I got very little pigmentation when I ran my fingers across it. To get a good swatch I actually had to scrape and dig in it a little. Thankfully, the moment I touched it with a brush it was pigment galore! I had no problems getting Ocean City to show up on my complexion. I actually over applied the first time because I thought it wouldn’t be as intense with one swipe. I found it very easy to tone down though thanks to the ombre design. The tan portion is much too light for me to wear alone but it definitely helps tone down the intensity in case you go overboard. Whether bare faced or paired with foundation Ocean City wore very well. It was quite soft and easy to blend and wore for well over 8 hours before fading. If I didn’t just pick up several pink blushes recently I would have ordered Sunset Beach too. That’s how much I love this blush! It looks like MAC is still sorting out all of the incorrect blush orders so both Ombre Blushes are currently showing as “Coming Soon” on MAC. I’m hoping after everything is worked out there will be some extras left over for the ladies who didn’t get a chance to snag some ombre goodness. With MAC, we can never really be sure but I do recommend keeping an eye on the MAC site or calling your local stores to see if they’re still available. Ocean City is just as beautiful as can be and I want everyone to experience it!

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Mangrove Lipstick, Ocean City (top), Ocean City (middle), Ocean City (bottom) and Ocean City (swirled together)

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9 Thoughts to “MAC Ocean City Ombre Blush Review”

  1. kEsha Ann

    That blush is soo gorgeous on you! I got mine a couple weeks ago and have yet to wear it (I’m always hesitant to try new things when I get home) but you give me confidence!! Are you wearing the Mangrove lipstick in the pic as well?

    1. fancie

      Lol hurry up and crack it open! It’s beautiful! I’m actually wearing Lady Danger which is pretty close

  2. Oh gosh, you look so gorgeous :-O That blush really works on you!

    1. fancie

      Thank you! It’s become a favorite of mine!

  3. Lisamichelle___

    Great review! I wasn’t sure about the blush but I will give it a try!

    1. fancie

      It’s a really pretty blush! Definitely worth the buy if you can track it down

  4. Vee

    It looks lovely on you! I need to break mine open.

  5. Holy Moly it’s beautiful! I passed on this collection (I think the packaging is ugly). Looks fab on you!

    1. fancie

      Lol I thought the same when I first saw the pics. It looks SO much better in person though! I just hate that it’s a fingerprint magnet lol

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