Marc Jacobs Blacquer Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Review

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Oh how I love Marc Jacobs! I’m already a huge fan of his fashion and fragrance line but I’m slowly falling for his makeup line too. I was crazy disappointed in the Dizzy Spell lip gel I tried but everything else I’ve tried seems to be pretty good. Like the Blacquer Highliner Gel Eye Crayon I’ve been sporting lately!

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The packaging of the Highliner Gel Eye Crayons is so cool to me! Blacquer sports a shiny silver plastic design with black accents and labeling. It’s very lightweight and comfortable to hold. Not to mention it’s very easy to spot in my tray of liners! I also like that it’s retractable so it’s great for traveling.

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Blacquer is an intense, deep black with great pigmentation and a creamy finish. It goes on very smoothly and evenly in one stroke with no tugging or pulling. If you’re into smudging you’ll really like Blacquer because it’s a very soft formula and easy to smudge when you first apply it. But like most liners you’ll want to work quickly because it does set after a few seconds. Once set, Blacquer is pretty much budge proof for about 8 hours before I notice any smudging.The smudging isn’t bad at all though. Especially considering that I have fairly watery eyes and bad allergies. Blacquer doesn’t give me raccoon eyes or anything. It just migrates to my upper and lower lid a bit. I was a little nervous to try it on my waterline because of the smudging but it still held up pretty well. Although my eyes are on the watery side I’m not too sure if this will work as well on oily lids. I do think it’s worth a try though! Despite the slight smudging after 8 hours Blacquer still hangs around for the long haul. I’ve accidentally gone to bed with it on and woke up with my liner still in tact. Plus, it’s not really an easy formula to remove. I don’t think it’s waterproof but Blacquer does require a good makeup remover to get it all off even after a full night of wear. Of course, everything won’t work for everyone but I think Blacquer is a really nice gel eyeliner and worth a try. The Marc Jacobs Beauty line is exclusive to Sephora so it’s pretty much the only place you can haul it for $25.

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      Yes! I love the formula but I’m also obsessed with the packaging lol. It’s so pretty!

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