Maybelline Radiant Raspberry Color Elixir Review

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Ahh, it feels so good to blog again! It’s only been two days since my last post but my laptop has been giving me a hard time for weeks making it impossible to really get anything done. It looks like it may have finally died today. Honestly, it won’t be missed. As the saying goes, “One monkey doesn’t stop the show!” On a brighter note, I’ve been testing my new Maybelline Bleached Neons Color Elixirs and I’m ready to start pumping out reviews!

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First up, is the lovely Radiant Raspberry. Like the rest of the Bleached Neons Color Elixirs this shade is limited edition. It still features the typical Color Elixir packaging with a squared plastic tube and silver metal cap. It is a little bulky but it’s still pretty lightweight and feels good in the hand.

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Radiant Raspberry looks pretty bright in the tube but it’s a rather subdued shade on the lips. It’s a warm soft reddish coral with a creamy gel like texture and light floral scent. The texture is slightly thick but not really sticky or tacky. Radiant Raspberry has pretty good pigmentation and applies evenly and opaque with a single swipe. However, because it’s such a soft shade it takes a couple of swipes to completely cover my pigmented lips. I don’t find this to be a big deal though because I really like the texture of the Color Elixir formula. It’s lightly hydrating and feels very good on the lips. Radiant Raspberry wore for around 2 hours before losing its glossiness and beginning to stain. The stain lasted for around another 2 hours before fading away. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I really love the Color Elixirs! The texture and wear time are very impressive for a drugstore gloss I feel like the $9 price tag (even cheaper on sale) is a steal for such a nice lippie! If you haven’t hauled any of them yet or want to check out the new shades I totally suggest heading over to CVS this week and checking them out. Maybelline is currently BOGO half off through the 17th. Plus, if you’re an Extra Care member you receive $3 off $15 of your cosmetics purchase. Happy hauling!

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