More MAC Alluring Aquatic Goodies!

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Okay, I promise this is my last haul from the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection! I initially wanted just 2 little lipsticks but I couldn’t stick to my tiny haul. It all started when I saw how beautiful Sea Me Hear Me blush looked on everyone and just had to have it! Then, when I picked it up in store I decided to swatch the eyeshadows and fell in love again. Swatching is so dangerous!

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Of course, all of the shadows were sold out everywhere so I had to keep an eye out for them online. Fortunately, MAC restocked quite a few pieces from the Alluring Aquatic collection Wednesday. I was able to score Sea Worship and Lorelei plus free overnight shipping! My new pretties arrived yesterday and I’m already in love with them! Sea Worship is a shimmering bronze green that would actually make a nice highlight for women of color. When swatched lightly, it pulls more bronze and looks gorgeous against my skin tone. I’ve already tried it on my cheekbones and the result was just beautiful! Lorelei also makes a great highlight! It’s a warm sparkling champagne with a tiny hint of pink. I can’t wait to try it on! It reminds me of Whisper of Guilt but warmer and less white based. I’m so happy I was able to track them down!

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  1. I had the same problem when I swatched the shadows! They just loved me too much lol 😀

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