New MAC Alluring Aquatic Addition!

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I was so proud of myself for making it out of the MAC Alluring Aquatic release with just two lipsticks. As you can see, that feeling didn’t last forever. I already have a hard time resisting MAC collections but things got twice as hard with this beautiful packaging. Just look at how beautiful it is! I told myself I didn’t need anymore blushes but when I saw Sea Me Hear Me Extra Dimension blush pop back up online at Nordstrom I just had to pop it in my cart. Lucky for me, Sea Me Hear Me was still available at a store near me so I was able to pick it up in store. Score!

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I almost wish I would have just had Sea Me Hear Me shipped because checking out the rest of the collection in person just made things worse for me. I noticed the eyeshadows were the stars of the show when they sold out super quickly just about everywhere but I never paid them too much attention. The colors just seemed okay in pictures but seeing them in person pushed me over the edge. They’re seriously gorgeous! I’ve been stalking the Nordstrom site since last night to catch Lorelei and Sea Worship. Not only are they beautiful eyeshadows but they would make lovely highlights on women of color. I so hope I can track them down!

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Now on to this beauty! Sea Me Hear Me is a soft shimmering rose that’ll look amazing on all skin tones. It’s kind of sheer so I had to build it up a bit to get a swatch but I have no doubt that’ll it’ll show up on brown skin beautifully. Pleasure Model and Autoerotique were the same way and I’m still over the moon about them! The Extra Dimension blushes are very smooth and give the most lovely natural finish. I haven’t tried on Sea Me Hear Me just yet but I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it! If you missed out on Sea Me Hear Me during the release you can still snag it online at Nordstrom. Surprisingly it’s still available but I’m sure it won’t be for long!

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4 Thoughts to “New MAC Alluring Aquatic Addition!”

  1. Jessica Ruth

    This is a beautiful color! I have a quick question. I’m pretty new to the “makeup world”, but when it comes to these collections, is it normal for the lipsticks to pop back up again on the websites (Macys, Belks, Nordstrom, MAC)? I reallyyyyy want Mystical and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Any suggestions?

    1. fancie

      Yes! It happens a lot with Mac collections. There’s just no way to really determine when it will happen lol. I recommend keeping an eye on the MAC site and Nordstrom. They seem to restock the most

      1. Jessica Ruth

        Thank you for this information. And one more question. (sorry…lol) The Kelly Osbourne collection comes out on Monday and the Lorde “Collection” on Thursday and I want to get some things. Do you know if the collections gets released to the website at 12am or later on in the day?

        1. fancie

          Feel free to ask away! Unfortunately, there’s no set time for collection releases. They happen at all different times of the day lol. It can be as early as 3-5 am or 7-10 am. You just have to keep an eye on the site!

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