Wet n Wild Cray Cray Creme Lipstick Review

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Ever since I joined the CVS Beauty Club I’ve gone drugstore crazy! I don’t regret it one single bit either! I’ve reunited with some old faves and discovered quite a few new ones. My latest muse is the limited edition Wet n Wild Cray Cray Creme Lipstick from the Fergie Centerstage Summer Collection. It’s pretty close to my MAC Happy Go Lucky lipstick but I actually like it better!

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Cray Cray is a bright, vibrant magenta with a purple undertone and a creme finish. There’s no scent or taste so it’s perfect for ladies with sensitive senses. Cray Cray applies very creamy and smoothly with no tugging or pulling. It’s incredibly pigmented and opaque too! It only takes one layer to achieve the intensity you see in the tube and it goes on pretty evenly. I didn’t find Cray Cray to be moisturizing but it wasn’t drying at all either. It wore quite comfortably for a little over 4 hours before beginning to stain and fade. Even with some eating and drinking the stain lasted for an additional 3 hours before completely wearing away. Very impressive! I did experience a bit of feathering with Cray Cray but it was nothing a little lip primer or liner couldn’t fix. Once I paired it with my MAC Magenta lip pencil (seriously beautiful combo!) it looked much better.

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My only complaint with Cray Cray is the packaging. It has a shiny silver and black plastic design with a clear top that’s a little bulky and cheap looking. The looks don’t really bother me though. It’s the fact that the lipstick itself doesn’t fully retract into the tube (like the Mega Last lipsticks). It’s quite easy to nick the lipstick with the top if you’re not careful. I’ve already damaged Cray Cray and Turnt Up a little. I really wish Wet n Wild would consider making their lipsticks fully retractable. It’s a waste of product and quite the eyesore when it gets scraped.

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As I mentioned, Cray Cray is a pretty good dupe for MAC Happy Go Lucky lipstick from the Playland collection! They’re both bright, neon-like pinks with purple undertones and a creamy finish. Cray Cray is just a tiny bit darker and more purple but on the lips they look really similar. I wouldn’t exactly consider Cray Cray to be a spot on dupe for Happy Go Lucky but it comes incredibly close! I think it’s an excellent alternative if you don’t want to shell out the extra bucks for MAC. Plus, I like the formula a little better! Both lipsticks tend to settle into lip lines but Cray Cray was much less noticeable than Happy Go Lucky. Not too bad for a $4 lipstick! Even if you already own Happy Go Lucky (or something similar) I would still recommend checking out Cray Cray. The color is absolutely gorgeous and the formula is pretty great. Oh, and it’s dirt cheap! If you manage to snag it at Walgreens by the 31st it’ll be 40% off!

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MAC Happy Go Lucky Lipstick (top) and Cray Cray Creme Lipstick (bottom)

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