Wet n Wild Turnt Up Creme Lipstick Review

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There’s nothing like crawling out your comfort zone! I’m a pink and purple lip kind of gal but I’ve been finding myself branching out with other colors lately. I started out dipping my toes into the red lips pool but I’ve chosen to dive head first into orange lips. They’re just so summery and fun! The intense love affair started with my MAC Mangrove lipstick but now it’s spread all over the place. Boy am I loving it though!

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My latest orange lip addiction is the new and limited edition Wet n Wild Turnt Up Creme Lipstick from the Fergie Centerstage Summer Collection. Turnt Up features the typical Creme Lipstick packaging with a rounded shiny silver and black plastic design. It does look a little cheap but I find it to be pretty durable so far. It’s survived being tossed around in my messy purse without the cap falling off. I just hate that the lipstick doesn’t retract fully in the tube! Turnt Up is already sporting a nice sized nick from me trying to place the cap on too quickly. It drives me nuts!


Thankfully, the lipstick is a lot better than the packaging! Turnt Up is an almost neon bright, warm mandarin orange with a slight reddish undertone¬†and no scent or taste. It goes on very smoothly and evenly with excellent pigmentation. I didn’t find Turnt Up to be moisturizing but it didn’t dry my lips out either. It wore fairly well for a little over 6 hours before fading. Turnt Up does settle into lip lines a little but it’s not very noticeable at all. Despite the creamy formula, I didn’t experience any bleeding. However, I do recommend pairing Turnt Up with a lip liner to achieve a crisp, neat application.

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The moment I tried on Turnt Up I immediately wondered how it would compare to MAC Lady Danger and Mangrove. It appears to be really, really close to Lady Danger with Mangrove being a bit lighter and more red. Turnt Up isn’t exactly a spot on dupe for Lady Danger as it’s a tiny bit darker and a little redder. But it’s close enough to save you a few bucks if you don’t want to go the MAC route. I highly recommend giving Turnt Up a whirl the next time you visit your local drugstore! It’s quite the steal at just under $4. Plus, it’s still on sale for 25% at Walgreens until the 31st!

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Wet n Wild Turnt Up Creme Lipstick

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MAC Mangrove Lipstick, Wet n Wild Turnt Up Creme Lipstick and MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

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