Lipstick Binge!

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Extra Care bucks are seriously what dreams are made of! It’s like getting rewarded for buying makeup. Such a rush! I had a few Extra Care bucks lying around so I thought, “Why not grab some new lipsticks?”

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I’ve been obsessing over orange and coral lipsticks lately (check out my faves!) so I decided to grab two more to add to my collection as well as a couple of pinks. You can never have too many pink and coral lipsticks, right? Here’s a rundown of what jumped in my cart:

  • Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin Vivids Lipstick a muted soft reddish coral
  • Milani Flamingo Pose Color Statement Lipstick a muted neutral pink
  • Iman Kinky Pink Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick a bright warm pink
  • L’Oreal Charismatic Coral Infallible Lipstick a bright tangerine¬†orange

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L’Oreal Charismatic Coral, Iman Kinky Pink, Milani Flamingo Pose and Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin

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  1. Kimberly Knox

    totally agree you can never have too many pinks

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