MAC Red Balloon Lipstick Review


I have a pretty intense love/hate relationship with restocks. I absolutely love them because they give me a chance to pick up goodies that I missed before. But they also enable me to end up with stuff that wasn’t even on my list to begin with. It’s so bittersweet! When the MAC Playland collection released I was so set on getting just the yellow lipstick and lip glass. Somehow I ended up with 4 lipsticks and 2 glosses. I’m blaming the restock!

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For whatever odd reason the makeup gods have decided to bless (or curse) Nordstrom with a seemingly never-ending supply of Playland lipsticks. Usually MAC lipsticks sell out like crazy but these pretties have stuck around for a while. There was no way I couldn’t resist grabbing one (okay two) more!

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My most recent restock impulse led me to order Red Balloon and my goodness do I love it! It’s a warm, creamy bright fuchsia with an Amplified finish that just screams summer. Red Balloon does look pretty dupable but I actually don’t have anything like it in my stash. It’s not your average bright fuchsia lipstick. It has this warm slight coral undertone that really sets it apart from the rest. Red Balloon kind of puts me in the mind of Impassioned but it’s less orange, darker, and more pink. The formula is simply amazing too! It goes on super smooth, even and opaque with one swipe. I sometimes have issues with Amplified lipsticks settling into lip lines but Red Balloon wears like a dream. It looks great on my dry lips from start to finish! It doesn’t emphasize any dry patches and doesn’t feel drying at all. Red Balloon wore quite comfortably for around 6 hours before fading away into a lovely stain. I can’t lie. I didn’t expect to like Red Balloon so much but I’m considering ordering a back up. I just love it so much! If you missed out on Red Balloon or any other Playland lipsticks I totally suggest you haul your butt over to Nordstrom to snatch them up before they’re gone! Who knows how long these beautiful lip colors will stick around?

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  1. Jessica Ruth


    1. fancie

      Thank you!

  2. It’s beautiful. I played with it Friday night but left it because I picked up some other stuff. It looks great on you.

    1. fancie

      I think it would look very pretty on you! That’s one reason why I try not to shop or swatch in store. I always end up with more than I expected lol

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