NYX Razzle Butter Lipstick Review

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I’m really digging NYX right now! It isn’t too often that you find a lipstick formula that works well for dry lips but I think I’ve found just the one! I’ve only tried one of the Butter Lipsticks but I’m already quite impressed. Razzle has me dying to try more shades already!

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Razzle (and the rest of the Butter Lipstick line) comes in a sleek plastic tube that reminds me of the Macaron Lipstick packaging. The only difference is that the tubes are different colors to represent the shade inside. In Razzle’s case, the tube is a bright magenta. The packaging does feel a little cheap but it’s sturdy. I’ve tossed this lipstick in my messy bag a few times and didn’t have any issues with the cap coming off. I actually like the packaging because the bright tube makes Razzle easy to find in a cluttered purse!

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Razzle is a bright magenta with purple undertones and a creamy satin finish. It has a similar sweet yet plastic-y scent as the Macaron Lipsticks but it’s very faint and barely noticeable on the lips. Razzle applies silky smooth and mostly opaque in one swipe. It covered most of my natural lip color with one swipe but it took a couple more to get the intensity you see in the tube. The formula is so close to perfect! It’s lightly moisturizing and doesn’t emphasize any dryness or settle into lip lines. I wore Razzle yesterday without exfoliating and it still went on like a dream! It’s one of those lipsticks that you can just toss on and go without any worries. Which is quite impressive because bright lippies can require a little work! The only drawback is that Razzle doesn’t last too long. It wore for around 2 hours before staining. It did stain pretty evenly and lasted for another 2-3 hours before completely fading though. So it really isn’t too bad! I usually prefer longer wearing lipsticks but I can’t deny how much I love Razzle. It’s very easy on dry lips and the color is beautiful! I certainly don’t mind reapplying a few times a day. I definitely recommend giving Razzle a try! It’s not very often that you come across a bright lipstick that’s fuss free and easy on the lips! Not to mention it’s a steal at just $6 at NYX or Ulta!

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  1. Ericca Brock

    would you say razzle is a dupe for any mac lipsticks like mac flat out fabulous?

    1. fancie

      Sorry I’m so late! It’s definitely close to Flat Out Fabulous but it’s creamier and a little less purple but I think it’s a great dupe

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