NYX Sweet Tart Butter Lipstick Review

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I had a feeling I’d like my new NYX Butter Lipsticks! Razzle has already become one of my go to lipsticks. Now Sweet Tart is slowly creeping into my faves drawer. It’s such a beautiful lipstick!

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Sweet Tart is a warm bright fuchsia with a creamy finish and no scent or taste. Application is a breeze with the Butter formula! It glides on smoothly and evenly with nice pigmentation. Sweet Tart isn’t fully opaque in one swipe but it definitely isn’t sheer either. You can easily achieve the color in the tube with just a couple of swipes.

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Sweet Tart wears quite comfortably with feeling drying for around 2-3 hours before fading into a nice stain. Like Razzle, Sweet Tart is very easy on dry lips. I didn’t experience any bleeding or feathering. It didn’t cling to any dry patches or settle into lip lines too much either. It’s the perfect fuss free summer lip! My only complaint is that the wear time is a little shorter than I’d like. However, the formula is kind to my lips so I don’t mind reapplying throughout the day. NYX Sweet Tart Butter Lipstick is certainly worth the try!

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I thought Sweet Tart looked a lot like MAC Red Balloon so I thought I’d give you a quick comparison. The colors look really close but Red Balloon is a little different. It’s darker, less creamy and more pink. I think on the lips the differences are a little less noticeable. Sweet Tart would still make a sweet dupe Red Balloon if you missed out!

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NYX Sweet Tart Butter Lipstick

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MAC Red Balloon and NYX Sweet Tart

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