NYX Violet Macaron Lipstick Review

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NYX is really turning heads with the new Macaron Lipstick collection! Candy colored lipsticks were once indie brand territory but NYX is making them a bit more mainstream. I can dig it! I know green, yellow and blue lipstick isn’t for everyone but Violet is a shade that pretty much everyone can get down with!

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Violet comes in a shiny black plastic tube with a clear insert so you can see all the Macaron colored goodness inside. It’s pretty lightweight yet durable. The packaging is a lot like NYX’s matte lipstick line so if you own a few of those you should feel right at home.

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Violet is a bright cool lavender with slight pink undertones and a satin finish. It has a slightly sweet, plastic smell to it that’s a little odd but isn’t noticeable upon application. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting Violet to be all that great formula wise but I was pleasantly surprised! It goes on very creamy and smoothly with excellent pigmentation. Violet wasn’t drying at all and it didn’t emphasize any flakes or dryness. I also didn’t experience any bleeding or feathering. I still recommend pairing Violet with a lip liner though because it’s the kind of color that looks better with a crisp, clean application. Violet wore quite comfortably for around 5 hours before fading into a light stain. I was a little worried that it would look a little crazy on me because it’s so light and pastel but it actually looks beautiful! I haven’t stopped wearing it since I’ve tried it on! Violet seems to work for many complexions and the formula is such a delight. It’s definitely one of the more wearable shades of the Macaron lipsticks so I highly recommend it!

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