Urban Decay Electric Palette Swatches


Don’t you hate when you haul too much that you forget about stuff? I’ve been experiencing that a lot lately. It’s to the point where I can’t wait to start my no buy! I picked up the crazy bright and bold Urban Decay Electric palette months ago and forgot to share swatches with you guys. Shame on me!


The Electric palette isn’t your typical eyeshadow palette. It’s filled with 12 neon bright pressed pigments that are bound to spice up any look. Some of the shades (Jilted, Slowburn, Savage and Urban) aren’t safe for immediate eye use. I totally flipped out at first because these were shades I’d love to smudge on my bottom lid for a pop of color. I still can (and you can too!) but I’d recommend being very, very careful to not get anything in your eyes or too close to your waterline. The forbidden colors tend to stain and could cause damage to your eyes. While I plan on living la vida loca on my bottom lids I recommend playing keep away with your tear ducts. It’s very easy to spill a little shadow into your eyes trying to highlight the inner corners. I seriously don’t want anyone hurting themselves. Especially not with such a pretty palette! Okay, now that I’ve blabbed enough about the safety concerns it’s time to enjoy some swatches!


Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage and Fringe


Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak and Thrash

2 Thoughts to “Urban Decay Electric Palette Swatches”

  1. Kimberly Knox

    I have always wanted this palette but have so many that I really need to utilize b/c I spent my hard earned money on. I am still so in love with my Vice 2 palette. With this palette, I think Freak/Thrash are such beautiful colors!! However, I am concerned about how the colors can damage one’s eyes. I am aware that the palette is $49.00 + tax, but I am sure it is well worth it.

    1. fancie

      I wish I would have caved and ordered one of the Vice palettes. I really liked both but I have a lot of palettes too so I decided against it. They’re so pretty though! I really like the Electric palette so far but I’m not too pleased about the restricted shades. All of them are colors I want to try on my bottom lid. I just don’t want to possibly blind myself lol. Such a struggle!

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