Wet n Wild Ball in Vienna Vicious Varnish Lip Stain Review

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If I could sum up the Wet n Wild Ball in Vienna Vicious Varnish Lip Stain in one word it would be: indestructible. I never thought I’d use “indestructible” to describe a lippie but this stain just doesn’t quit! Wet n Wild definitely did some things right when they whipped up Ball in Vienna!

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The Vicious Varnish stains come in a simple clear plastic tube with silver accents and a black plastic top. The packaging is fairly simple and looks like your everyday gloss. I like the way it looks but it has some flaws. Naturally, some of the shiny silver accents rub off pretty quickly. That’s not too much of a problem though because even my MAC glosses loose their designs after a while. The problem is that sometimes the stain manages to seep out of the sides. I make sure to close it completely yet it still happens. It doesn’t make a huge mess but you definitely want to be careful tossing it in your purse. Especially if it’s sharing a cozy pocket with your phone!

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Ball in Vienna is a bright, deep fuchsia with a light sweet scent and long, flat applicator. The applicator is rather flexible so it works pretty well on my fuller lips. Upon application, Ball in Vienna is very pigmented with lots of sheen and a slightly thick and sticky texture. Now, I’m no stranger to thick, sticky lippies but the Vicious Varnish formula is quite different. Rather than sticking to the lips Ball in Vienna seems to stick to itself. It clumped up into tiny bits whenever I pressed my lips together and made the color uneven. It’s very tricky to apply! Surprisingly, the uneven application isn’t very noticeable despite the vibrant color. But it’s still a pain to work with though.

I was beginning to get frustrated with it until I finally stopped pressing my lips together and just let Ball in Vienna work its magic. It was then that I grew to appreciate it. Once it was on evenly it lasted through everything! ┬áThe glossy sheen lasted for around 6 hours while the stain itself wore for an amazing 12 hours without any touch ups. Yes, 12 whole hours! Even with a lot of eating and drinking Ball in Vienna held on strong! Besides the odd stickiness, Ball in Vienna was very comfortable on the lips too. It didn’t feel drying at all and it didn’t emphasize any dryness. I think if you have a bit of patience Ball in Vienna could work quite well for you. However, if you’re looking for a fuss free toss on and go lip stain this isn’t for you.

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4 Thoughts to “Wet n Wild Ball in Vienna Vicious Varnish Lip Stain Review”

  1. Kimberly Knox

    Ok! So I just arrived home, but had to share some EXCITING news! I purchased the Ball in Vienna Wet n Wild Fergie High Shine Lip Stain & must say that I am really impressed for $2.49. I like how the lip stain feels once I apply to my lips–it’s really creamy. Second, I am impressed with how pigmented it is. I applied two coats to get the look that I desired. I should have purchased two Ball in Vienna, but will go back to the Walgreens in the morning where I found the various colors. I will also be purchasing Giving Realness, Street Queen & Throwing Shade. The various colors are only in select Walgreens. Thank you for the review on these lip stains, you cannot go wrong with drugstore brands.

    1. fancie

      I’m so glad you like them! I think I’m going to go back for one more. There’s another berry shade I have my eyes on lol

  2. I really wish the Fergie collection would come to my area so that I could try some of the things that I’ve been seeing on blogs, like this for instance. Thanks for the review and swatches!

    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3 & Tumblr

    1. fancie

      I hope your area gets it soon! Her collection has some really nice products. Have you tried shopping online? Walgreens or drugstore.com may carry some items.

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