Chanel Black Jade Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil Review

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You know what I love about having brown eyes? So many different colors look great with them! I’ve rocked a lot of different colors but I always keep my blues and greens in rotation. There’s just something about them that makes brown eyes pop! I own quite a few green eyeliners but none of them make my eyes look as sultry as the Chanel Black Jade Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil. Whew! That’s a really long name but bear with me!

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Chanel is known for their luxury packaging but the Le Crayon Intense Eye Pencils have a really simple design. Black Jade is your average sharpen to play eyeliner sporting a black paint job and plastic black cap. There’s no frills or thrills here!

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The color and formula are something to get excited about! Black Jade is a pretty unique kohl eyeliner. It’s a deep, blackened green with a subtle iridescent sheen and soft, creamy texture. It applies very smoothly without tugging or pulling and it’s pretty pigmented too. If you apply it lightly, you’ll get a soft wash of green but as you apply more it gets darker and more intense. I like to smudge it on my top and bottom lids for a sexy green smokey effect. So sexy! Black Jade lasts for around 8 hours before fading around the edges (if you’re a smudger). Without smudging, it lasts a little over 10 hours before beginning to fade. Of course, the Chanel Black Jade Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil is pricey ($29) but I do think it’s worth it because the color is so unique and complex. The closest dupe I’ve seen so far is MAC Mystery Kohl Power Pencil but it’s slightly different and limited edition. Black Jade isn’t a must have but if you love green eyeliners as much as I do then you’ll love it!

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