Covergirl Bombshell Lip Perfection Lipstick Review

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I’m such a MAC girl! I don’t think I could ever get tired of MAC but it’s still nice to venture out from time to time. I’ve been exploring a few new brands this year and you know what? A lot of them are pretty on par with MAC (or even better) and sometimes at a fraction of the cost! Take the Covergirl Bombshell Lip Perfection Lipstick for instance. It’s creamy, pigmented and long lasting all for under $10!

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The Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick features a very simple, clean design. Each lipstick comes in a purple-ish gunmetal squared plastic tube with color coordinating caps on the bottom. The packaging is a little bulky but it’s lightweight and feels good in the hand. It also feels pretty sturdy too. Bombshell has survived a few trips in my messy purse and makeup bag without any issues.

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Bombshell is a vibrant, warm fuchsia with a slight purple undertone and satin finish. It has a very creamy texture and faint floral scent that’s mostly detectable in the tube. Bombshell glides onto my lips effortlessly and applies evenly and opaque in one swipe. The creamy texture makes it easy to apply and feels good on the lips but it does move around a little bit. I recommend using a lip liner to achieve a clean, crisp look.

Bombshell isn’t exactly moisturizing but it did work well with my dry lips. I didn’t experience any dryness at all during wear and it didn’t really emphasize any dry spots. It wore rather comfortably for around 6-7 hours before fading into a stain. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it held up during the day! The formula is so soft and creamy that I didn’t think it would survive much eating, drinking and talking. Color me impressed! Bombshell isn’t the most unique color on the block but the formula is really nice. Even if you have a crap ton of pink lipsticks I still think Bombshell would make a nice addition to your stash!

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