L’Oreal Charismatic Coral Infallible Lipstick Review

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Unfortunately my obsession with coral still isn’t over. Lucky for me, I have plenty of pretty lipsticks to get me through it! Charismatic Coral is a new addition to my stash but it’s been getting a lot of love lately. The color and formula just work so well!

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Charismatic Coral is a bright orange with slight red undertones and a creamy satin finish. It glides over the lips ever so smoothly and evenly with nice pigmentation and a light floral scent. Charismatic Coral has a rather creamy texture that feels good on the lips and doesn’t move around much. It wears comfortably for 4-6 hours before fading into a light stain. I didn’t experience any bleeding during wear and it didn’t seem to settle into lip lines much. There was a slight sticky feeling but it didn’t bother me. Just a little off for a lipstick. It seems to be part of the formula though as I experienced the same with Eternal Rose and Forever Fuchsia.

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Overall, I’ve quite enjoyed my experience with the L’Oreal Infallible lipsticks. They’re creamy, pigmented, long wearing and treat my dry puckers very kindly. Charismatic Coral isn’t the most unique color but it’s still worth the buy!

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