MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Review

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My eyes are easily my favorite facial feature so I love playing them up with bold colors, sexy cat eyes and lots of dramatic falsies. I’ve never been much of a mascara kind of gal because my lashes are super short so I could never quite get the length and volume I wanted with mascaras. I don’t think I’ll ever find a mascara that will make me retire my beloved falsies but the MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash is a great start!

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The MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash mascara comes in a rather unique tube. The tube features a curvy, shiny black plastic design covered in MAC logos with a funky shaped top. The design definitely stands out from other tubes! You’d think it would feel weird in the hand or be hard to use but I didn’t have any issues with it at all. I thought it looked pretty cool!

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The wand is slightly long and flexible with a plastic spiky design and a rounded tip. I love these kind of wands because they seem to grab every lash without making a mess on smaller eyes. It reminds me a lot of the Benefit They’re Real mascara wand and performs pretty much the same way. I do think it could be a little bit thinner to maneuver around the bottom lashes better but I still like it a lot. My only complaint is that it picks up a lot of product so I have to remove quite a lot of it to prevent over applying.

My lashes are very short, thick and curly which is a lot for a mascara to tackle but In Extreme Dimension Lash works very well! It separates, curls, and lengthens my unruly lashes all while adding a bit of volume too. The formula is slightly thick and pretty wet so I had to be very careful to avoid clumping and spider leg lashes. The spikes really get in between the lashes so you don’t need too much to achieve longer, fuller lashes. In Extreme Dimension Lash takes a moment to dry but once it has set it lasts pretty well. It wore for around 8 hours before I noticed some slight smudging on my bottom lid. It didn’t give me raccoon eyes but it’s still something to watch out for if there’s going to be waterworks.┬áIt held up well with some light watering but I noticed it fading away when the watering got a little heavier. Not too bad for a non-waterproof formula though! While the formula isn’t as smudge, clump and flake proof as MAC hoped it still worked nicely to transform my lashes. The key is definitely applying the right amount of mascara to achieve the best results though! Depending on your needs In Extreme Dimension could be a hit or a flop for you. However, if your lashes are anything like mine I think you need to hit your counter for a quick demo!

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