MAC Lady Danger Lipstick Review

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I know I’ve shown you guys Lady Danger like a million times but it just dawned on me that I’ve yet to review it. Shame on me! I’ve been rocking Lady Danger for months now and it’s well overdue for a little review time shine. Let’s get right to it!

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Lady Danger was one of the lipsticksĀ that started my coral/orange obsession and it’s easy to see why. It’s so darn beautiful! Lady Danger is an extremely bright, warm orange red with a matte finish and signature MAC vanilla scent. I’ve compared it to a handful of lipsticks but the closest dupe is Wet n Wild Turnt Up.

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While I absolutely adore the bold color and sexy matte finish the formula isn’t perfect. Lady Danger applies very smoothly and evenly without tugging or dragging during application. It’s a really creamy matte that I didn’t really find drying at all. My gripe with Lady Danger is that it settles into lip lines and emphasizes dry spots. It’s quite noticeable too since the color is so bright. I’ve tried pairing it with primers, lip liners and glosses but I didn’t have much luck. Lady Danger managed to settle into every nook and cranny no matter what I tossed at it. I had the best luck when I used a creamier lipstick as a base and applied Lady Danger on top. I get around 6-7 hours of wear before noticing any fading so it’s a nice lipstick to have for long days out but you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on it. Lady Danger isn’t the most unique shade but it has the perfect balance of red and orange that works well on a variety of skin tones. I wish it didn’t settle so much but it’s still a great lipstick! If you’re planning to giveĀ it a whirl I highly recommend exfoliating and prepping with a nice balm for the best results.

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8 Thoughts to “MAC Lady Danger Lipstick Review”

  1. i love how orange it comes out on you! It’s so more red on me, which is nice too. xo

    1. fancie

      I wish it pulled more red on me lol. I still love the color though!

  2. Looks gorg on you! It doesn’t pull that orange or me. Wish it did.

    1. fancie

      It does look very red on most people. I don’t know why it pulls so orange on me lol.

  3. Michelle Watson

    I loved it when I first bought it then I realized that it was a waste of money. I have to put too much work into it for it to work on me. Would have preferred to invest in an eyeshadow.

    1. fancie

      You must be having the same problems as me. The color is beautiful but it’s a lot of maintenance. Luckily, I got it for free through the Back to MAC program. It’s still a little disappointing though

  4. Tabitha

    I just ordered this with flat out fabulous. Both have arrived!

    1. fancie

      I hope you like them! They’re both beautiful shades

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