Milani Hot Pink Rage Color Statement Lipstick Review

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Milani Color Statement lipsticks have been so good to me! They’re usually so creamy, long wearing and very kind to my dry lips. I never thought I’d come across a Color Statement lipstick that I didn’t like. Sadly, Hot Pink Rage just didn’t live up to the other colors I’ve tried.

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Hot Pink Rage is a muted neutral blush pink with a matte finish and watermelon scent. It’s a really nice everyday kind of color but the formula leaves much to be desired. The Color Statement lipsticks are typically quite creamy but Hot Pink Rage has a stiffer texture. It’s really weird and hard to explain. There wasn’t any tugging or dragging during application but it still felt stiff and dry. Hot Pink Rage was rather clingy too. It emphasized every dry spot and settled into every lip line. It was just a mess!

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Hot Pink Rage wore for around 4-6 hours before fading into a splotchy, messy stain. It’s certainly not a lipstick I’d recommend for long days out. It was slightly drying during wear and definitely requires a close eye throughout the day.┬áThe only thing I liked about Hot Pink Rage was the color but the formula is so high maintenance it’s just not worth it. I hate to speak ill on lippies but I just can’t recommend trying Milani Hot Pink Rage Color Statement lipstick. It may work for you if you have flawlessly smooth lips but the matte formula is just too clingy for us regular lip gals. Pass!

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