NARS Abbey Road Larger Than Life Eyeliner Review

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You guys know how I feel about colorful eyeliners so it’s no shocker that NARS Abbey Road Larger Than Life Eyeliner is one of my all time faves. Just look at it! It’s bold, smokey and ultra sexy. I can’t get enough!

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Abbey Road comes in a long, slim black plastic casing with a turquoise bottom and small plastic black top. It’s very lightweight and easy to hold with a convenient retractable design. I thought the longer design might be a little tricky to work with but I didn’t find it difficult to work with at all. I actually kinda dig the longer “handle”. The Larger Than Life Eyeliners also comes with a built in pencil sharpener in case you want to keep a pointed tip. The packaging is pretty darn neat!

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I think Abbey Road is an eyeliner anyone could love! It’s a vibrant, cool turquoise with iridescent shimmer and creamy finish. The color is actually quite complex to photograph. Abbey Road looks like it pulls more green in pictures but it’s actually quite blue in person. I think it’s the iridescent shimmer that gives Abbey Road that fun chameleon effect.

Once you get past the beautiful color you’ll realize that the formula is to die for too! Abbey Road is so creamy and pigmented. It glides onto the lids with ease and applies evenly and opaque in one swipe. The formula is easy to smudge for a smokey effect and stays put for over 10 hours on my watery lids. I did experience some minor smudging (that wasn’t planned) but it was well past the 10 hour mark so I can’t complain. The Larger Than Life formula is waterline safe but I just stick to my lids when applying Abbey Road. The shimmer isn’t big or chunky but I’d still be careful using it on the waterline. Overall, I can’t think of one bad thing to say about Abbey Road. I love everything about it and totally recommend it to all bold eye lovers!

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4 Thoughts to “NARS Abbey Road Larger Than Life Eyeliner Review”

  1. Joanna

    Pretty, pretty, pretty. Sadly I can’t wear any eyeliner that contains shimmer. For some reason it cause my eyes to swell when used on my waterline.

    1. fancie

      Oooohh that sounds painful! I hope you can find a similar shade without shimmer because this would look really pretty on you!

  2. beverley koh

    Hi! Great blog that you have here! This is such a gorgeous blue eyeliner, but sadly, I’m not really a big fan of blue
    Btw, it would be great if you could follow back on Bloglovin 🙂
    -Beverley (

    1. fancie

      Will do! Thanks for the follow Beverley 😉

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