Hollywood Beauty Vitamin E Oil Review

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Who doesn’t love oils? I know I do! They’re like nature’s sweet gift to us. Gently nourishing our skin, hair and nails without all those harsh chemicals. Olive and castor oil are my top faves but I’ve been trying some new oils lately that I just love. Like the Hollywood Beauty Vitamin E Oil!

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The Hollywood Beauty Vitamin E Oil is lightweight, hydrating and has a strong, soothing lavender like scent. It absorbs into my hair, skin and nails quickly without feeling greasy or weighing down my strands. Vitamin E Oil also delivers tons of shine while leaving the hair and skin feeling soft and supple. It’s an oil you can use from head to toe with great results! Here’s how I’ve been using it:

  • Moisturizer (skin & hair)
  • Seal ends (hair)
  • Cuticle oil (nails)
  • Hot oil treatment (hair & scalp)
  • Pre-Poo (hair)

As you can see above, Vitamin E oil is very high on the list (second ingredient) but there’s a lot of other nourishing oils tossed into the mix. I do think it’s a little misleading that Hollywood Beauty doesn’t note on the front that this is an oil blend. However, the Vitamin E Oil blend works very well plus it’s a great value so I can’t complain. Pure Vitamin E Oil will set you back more than $2.50 if you were to purchase a 2 ounce bottle. So you’re getting a nice amount of pure Vitamin E Oil plus a handful of other great oils for a pretty sweet deal! I totally recommend picking up a bottle (or two) the next time you visit Sally Beauty. Whether you’re mixing a few drops into your bathwater or slathering it on your hair and nails Hollywood Beauty Vitamin E Oil is sure to please!


2 Thoughts to “Hollywood Beauty Vitamin E Oil Review”

  1. Nicole Reyes

    It stinks like men’s cologne…why did they add a fragrance what’s wrong with them men don’t buy these products women do…and they could have left out the color yellow number 11.

  2. Brittney

    I heard that using vitamin e oil is good for growing out your lashes. Is this one safe to use for that?

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