L.A. Girl Babydoll Glazed Lip Paint Review

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Everyone knows that I’m obsessed with pink lippies but it’s not always sunshine and roses. Especially when it comes to pale pinks. Why must you be so pretty yet so difficult? It seems like pale pink lippies are just tough to pull off. Even when the color is perfect something still manages to go wrong.

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Meet the L.A. Girl Babydoll Glazed Lip Paint. She’s a beautiful light, cool pink with the slightest bit of purple undertones and strong minty scent. The color reminds me a lot of Maybelline Fuchsia Fever but it’s a bit cooler and lighter. It’s definitely not a shade everyone can pull off but I was surprised by how well it worked with my complexion. Most pale pinks have a tendency to look chalky or ashy but Babydoll is a dream come true!

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Well, until you to get to the formula. Don’t get me wrong! I really like the Glazed Lip Paint formula but it just doesn’t seem to work well with Babydoll. It’s very runny so it’s difficult to apply with the squeeze tube. I didn’t struggle much with Coy but Babydoll burst into the cap a bit during delivery so it’s been oozing product much more freely. It just never seems to stop! Babydoll also tends to settle into lip lines and accentuate every flake and flaw. You absolutely have to exfoliate and/or wear a lip liner underneath for it to look its best. Especially if you have dry lips! Babydoll is still pretty moisturizing and wears comfortably for around 3-4 hours so it’s not all bad. It just needs a little extra TLC and patience. I really like the color so I won’t write Babydoll off completely but if you’re expecting a fuss free lip then this isn’t for you.

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