MAC Blunt Blush Review

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Oh, how I love you Blunt! You chisel my face for the makeup gods and I just don’t know what I would do without you! I remember when I first got into highlighting and contouring. I struggled for a while trying to find a good contour powder for my skin tone. Eventually, I settled upon the popular Sleek Contour Kit (which I love) but I wanted to try something a little softer for everyday use. I noticed a lot of ladies around my complexion obsessing over MAC Blunt Blush but it looked so light in the pan that I held off on trying it. Thank goodness I gave it a go anyway!

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Looks can definitely be deceiving when it comes to Blunt! It looks like a light, sandy brown in the pan but, on me, it’s more of a warm taupe with a slight grey undertone and matte finish. The texture is a little dry and stiff but Blunt is still pretty pigmented and blendable. It’s not as intense as the Sleek Contour Kit so you can easily sheer it out for a natural contour or build it up to really create some depth. I love how much control I have with Blunt!

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Blunt is technically a blush but the matte finish makes it perfect for contouring because it gives a shadowy effect that adds definition to the face. Plus, the color isn’t too cool so it warms up my complexion too. It gives me a gorgeous bronzed, sun-kissed look that I just adore! Oh, and it lasts all day too! With or without foundation, Blunt wears for around 10 hours before I notice any fading along the edges. If you’re a brown gal and you haven’t tried MAC Blunt Blush yet, shame on you! Lol, maybe not shame. You still need to give it a try though!

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4 Thoughts to “MAC Blunt Blush Review”

  1. Chelcpooh

    This was my first ever make product that I stole from my mom!! Love love love. I have actually hit pan and need to repurchase soon.

    1. fancie

      Lol your mom has great taste! I can see myself hitting pan one of these days. I use it ALL the time!

  2. kistibelle

    That looks cute on you, I might try it as a light bronzer/contour candidate!
    Thanks for the review 🙂

    1. fancie

      You totally should! It’s lovely! Oh, and thank you 😉

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