Ruby Kisses Purple Berry Lip Lacquer Review


Don’t you just love when the products you buy on a whim turns out to be incredible? It just makes impulse shopping a little more fun! I heard the Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquers were good quality but I wasn’t expecting them to be this good. These lip lacquers are everything!


My current fave, Purple Berry, is a deep cool plum with a sweet, cake-like scent and glossy finish. It comes in a long plastic tube and sports a long, paddled shaped applicator. The formula has a slightly thick, creamy consistency that doesn’t feel sticky or tacky on the lips. It feels more like a creamy gloss. Like a thicker version of MAC Cremesheen Glass.


Purple Berry glides on effortlessly with intense pigmentation and applies evenly in one swipe. The applicator and thicker consistency made it really easy to apply. I had no problems controlling the formula and it didn’t slip around much at all. Plus, it’s very kind on dry lips! It’s lightly moisturizing and feels pretty good without clinging to dry patches or settling into lip lines. Purple Berry wears very comfortably for around 5 hours before fading into a stain. So it’s easily a lippie you can rock for long days/nights out. If you’re not afraid of a bold, vampy purple lip then the Ruby Kisses Purple Berry Lip Lacquer is for you! The color is beautiful and the formula is pure perfection. My only complaint is that it can be a little tough to find. I recommend using this nifty Ruby Kisses store locator to help make your search a little easier!



48 Thoughts to “Ruby Kisses Purple Berry Lip Lacquer Review”

  1. Where did you get these Fancie? At Sally’s? These look incredible!!!

    1. fancie

      Omg they are!! You can find them at local beauty supply stores. Not Sally’s though. Here’s a link to the store locator so you can find them near you:

      1. Thank you dear!!! I can’t go to the local one I don’t have a beauty license. Shoot!!!! OH well. I do have my Sephoria shopping cart all ready to go for tomorrow though!!!!! Becca foundation and stila lip creme — and a REAL beauty blender!!! It’s all just sitting there waiting on my paycheck!!!!

        1. fancie

          I can’t wait for you to go shopping so I can hear about your new goodies! I’ve never tried any Becca foundations or Stila lippies so I’m curious to know what you think about them. You can also find Ruby Kisses online too but I do wish you lived near a regular store so you can play with the testers. Sometimes the online swatches are totally different from the color in real life

          1. I know!!! I blew it — I got my nails done, had to get pet stuff for my kitty (quite an expense when I haven’t done it in awhile) and I made the big mistake of hitting the vape shop… I blew half my check before I knew it. Now I have to wait till next pay period (sad crying face) I’m going to have to use this long wearing revlon make-up that I think is breaking me out… ah – where does the money go? It wasn’t a big check any ole ways and I didn’t really manage it well. My nails were in such a sad, sad, state Fancie…. I can’t stand to work in the public with horrid nails. So my Sephoria order will have to wait. I even had called the local one and got the correct color of the Becca foundation… oh well, two weeks isn’t so long. I did get a funky new haircut today! On the positive!!!

          2. fancie

            Woohoo for new hair cuts! I love getting my hair done since I usually do mine myself. It’s so relaxing lol. Don’t be sad though! I’ve been exactly where you are and I’m actually there now. I just received my short check from when they started cutting hours. I will say it’s better than I thought but not so great considering I need to fill up my tank and get my nails done as well which is like half my check LOL. Like you, I hate being out (especially at work!) with worn out nails. I currently get a gel overlay over my natural nails and of course this would be the week it’s time for a new set. Not to mention the MAC summer collection just released online AND I want to try the new LA Girl liquid lipsticks. Sigh. Gotta enjoy those first world problems!

          3. Isn’t it always something? I’ll bet you have a big tank too… I have to get gas as well… I got gel nails too – but I’ll bet they’re higher where you live. Mine were 35.00 total and of course with a tip…. I’m down to very low money now until the next two weeks. Oh well, that’s the way it goes. Yeah the hair is pretty fresh – it’s really short!! I’ll have to get used to it.. I’m used to hiding behind my hair! What I had anyway. I wish I knew how to share pics on this thing – I’d send you a pic. Since I got the pay as you go phone, it no longer automatically blue tooth’s the pics to my apple. Oh well… I’ll just have to wait until I update my pic on here when I have a really good hair day. How’s the new job going? Is it everything you dreamed? I cannot imagine!!! I’m so excited for you! I’ve never owned any Dior make up. I’d love a lipstick or gloss. Maybe I’ll get one someday. I have (take that back) had their mascara and I took it back to Sephoria — didn’t like it. I forgot. You must just feel like a queen, and well deserved too I might add!! So proud for you Fancie!!

          4. fancie

            Thank you!! I really appreciate it! You should totally think about joining Instagram. It’s a lot of fun (and addicting lol) but I just love looking at all the pretty pictures. I’m just weird like that I guess lol. So far, I really like working for Dior. At the moment, I’m a fragrance model so I’m one of those gals you see in the aisles handing out fragrance cards lol. That part is exhausting but I can’t really complain. It’s easy money and I get to spend my down moments checking out makeup and shoes–which is actually really bad because I’m always dying to shop lol. What color lipsticks do you usually wear?

          5. Good for you Fancie! Way to get your foot in the door! Plus it took guts to apply, more guts than I would have had! Lipstick, well girl I don’t have as many as you but I’ve quite a few – but I vary – usually everyday. Most of the time it’s in the brown category. I wear the WnW one a lot – the mauve-brown one. I can’t think of the color right now. I have another that I wear quite frequently too by Merle Norman – “Hot Bronze” a pinkish – brown frost. I use a brown liner all over (to make it hold) and then the pink looks darker too — and it stays my whole shift. If that makes sense. I also wear the Revlon Colorstay’s Ultimate Suede line quite a bit too. I have 4 of those – ranging from dark to coral. They really stay on. I love that line. I have a very small top lip so I don’t do bright colors. They look silly on me. LOL AND I”M OLD!!!

          6. OH I’ll think about Instagram – all I need is another addiction!!! LOL

          7. fancie

            LOL it really is! Sometimes I purposely avoid it when my budget is right lol

          8. fancie

            Lol you’re not old! You’re wise! Your style reminds me a lot of my mom’s. She’s prefers deeper brown toned shades as well. They’re pretty easy to wear though so I can see why you guys like them

          9. Thank you!!! I tend to think that the brighter colors are for the younger gals. I’ve seen neons on older women and they just look strange! Not for me!!! And with a tiny mouth, it would really be clown-like. I really don’t like the last one I got from MAC. I should she it back.. but I won’t. I thought it was a frost but it isn’t. I should have known. It’s pretty bright for me. It will be fine once I get some sun.

          10. fancie

            LOL no they’re not! You just have to find one you like! My mom is 53 and she’s just starting to branch out to brighter colors. My red and pink lipsticks to be exact. She’s been driving me crazy going through my stuff lately lol. But I like to see her experimenting. Even if she’s putting her lips on my brand new lipsticks and glosses. Goodness, I cringed writing that LOL

          11. LOL thank you. Maybe I’ll wear the new one to work tonight. I overslept (or thought I did) got up hurried and took a shower – and went in to work….. and they all looked at me funny…. I was three hours too early!!! DOH! Man did I ever feel silly. I’m getting “sometimers”. Which means: every once in a while — I loose my freaking mind!! Shoot I just realized I’m old enough to be YOUR MOM!!!! EGADS!!!!

          12. fancie

            LMAO omg you need some sleep! I do stuff like that when I’m trying to do way too much at times. And LOL! You may be but I feel like you have more life in you than me! I just turned 25 but I always feel so old. Especially around most people my age lol. My bff was in town last week and we hit the bar Saturday night. I kid you not, I literally slept ALL day yesterday and my body is still tired. I probably need a gym membership myself!

          13. Honey everybody needs a gym membership! I’m thinking of doing just that! I do have a lot of life in me, but it usually goes no where but too much thinking! I seriously need to get out of my head! That’s the cancer in me. So happy that you had FUN! I remember those day of dancing your butt off, and then crashing and still waking up tired. It’s the dehydration. Drink some water sweetie!!! It will revive you overtime. I’m so glad that you had your friend there. I could so use a friend nearby. I wouldn’t know how to feel. You are in your prime Fancie! Remember to honor the present! All we have is the present moment. That’s why they call it a “gift”!

          14. fancie

            Maybe that’s what it was. And I need to start exercising. I don’t workout very often which isn’t too good. You’re totally right about honoring the present though. Sometimes I get so caught up on where I’m going I don’t pay attention to the journey and that’s often the most important part. I think a gym membership would be good for both of us. Give us a chance to get out of the house and hopefully meet some friends. I hate being a hermit crab sometimes. Like you mentioned, it leads right to over thinking!

          15. Well, my paycheck did not go far enough for a gym membership! POO! I’m so tired right now I could fall out. I’ve not been sleeping well at all. Work was grueling… and it seems everyone wants to tell me how to do my job – and with being new – what can I say? Not much… Oh well it will get better. I need to start walking daily that’s free! My weight is getting scary high. Stress. Time to face facts Fancie. No one else can do it for me… You’re lucky you are naturally thin….

          16. fancie

            Oh goodness. That’s how it is at my part time gig and it’s extra annoying because 1) I’m probably the most self sufficient person you’ll meet and 2) I’m much older than most of my coworkers so I’d rather not be told how and when to do things that require only a little common sense. Most times I have to fight the urge to ask, “Why are you even talking to me?” LOL I’m kinda snarky like that. And it doesn’t help that I haven’t been sleeping much either. I had coffee 2 days in a row this week and I don’t even drink coffee lol. Daily walks are a really good idea though! Great for staying in shape and it’s relaxing. Maybe I should start taking walks on my lunch breaks to keep my blood flowing. It’s funny you mentioned me being lucky because I was just telling my friend who’s trying to lose weight how lucky she is lol. Being able to eat what you want without weight gain is a gift and a curse. It’s nice if you’re not trying to gain weight. But when you’re 25 and under 110 lbs it starts to get annoying. I actually watched a video on buzz feed about this and the actress nailed my feelings right on the head. Sometimes, I don’t even feel like an adult woman being so tiny. And it doesn’t help that the black community is all about big boobs, butt and thighs. Things I probably won’t see until 40+ lol. I’d love to be able to have some kind of control over the way my body looks. I swear the grass always seems greener on the other side lol

          17. I hear you about the black community and the big rear and boobs deal! But hey your petit and love it while you have it – it will get greater later!!! I just had a conference call with the people that helped me get the job – about some of the problems that i’ve been having and it helped! I’m going to tell the woman that is pushing me around to back off this week! I talked to another one of my coworkers and she said she’s just pushing her weight around! She told me to put a stop to it now! So I’m going to. I’m just SO SUPER hard on myself (from my childhood) and although I’m much better than I used to be, still bad at it.
            I did walk yesterday and it was nice. I walked with a friend ( well my social worker!) I see the psych today and gonna see about these meds. I did cry this morning about my pastor — I miss him so much Fancie. He’s in CA now – and I just feel lost. I think this is a big part of my depression. See he brought me into the message of Grace, and I’d never known about it. It transformed my life. It’s not like I worshipped him per se, just his message and anointing. I miss his sermons so much. I didn’t even go to church last Sunday. I don’t know what I’m going to do because I’m the type that I NEED church to keep me going spiritually. I have so few people in my life that aren’t paid to talk to me LOL!!! That’s sad! I’d almost thought to ask for you number but I thought that was getting too personal. I sure do appreciate you though sweetie. Thanks for keeping up with me!!!!!! Have a grand day!!! Hope you get more hours and the little peons get less!!!

          18. fancie

            Have you thought about organizing a prayer circle or something? Way back in the day my aunt’s church had these meetings called touch group where church members who were personally close or lived nearby would meet up once a week for a light sermon, discussion and refreshments and stuff. The funny thing about what you’re going through is you’re probably aren’t the only one feeling that way. You never know! There could be some friendly church members missing his sermons too that you could connect with. That always makes things easier. And by the way, I wouldn’t mind giving you my number!

          19. Awe hon, that is so sweet. My church is SO different. I’m just going to go to a new church in hopes that I’ll have a real church family. I called a girl from work and I’m going to go with her. It’s just that I believe differently than most. I’m not strange or anything I just believe that when Jesus proclaimed “It is finished”, it was. I don’t believe we’re under the law any longer. And what I mean by that is the ten (actually there’s 613 laws) commandments. It’s a long story but it’s the new covenant. We’re no longer under the old. Most churches don’t teach that. Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection brought us into the New covenant. Most people don’t really understand their bibles because they don’t break it down into the greek. They don’t understand what the apostle Paul was teaching about grace. It’s not hard… but most can’t catch it. It’s really beautiful. Anyway that’s how I believe. I appreciate you not being afraid to give me your number!!! That warms my heart. I met with my Dr. today and we made some changes to my meds too – so hopefully I’ll be getting better real soon. Thank you so much for being so sweet, and open minded Fancie. You are a living doll. I mean that…..from the bottom of my heart!!!!

          20. fancie

            That actually sounds really interesting! It’s very different from what I’m used to but I like the concept. I most definitely have to read up on it because I’m very curious now lol. Thank you so much for your kind words!! You’re always such a great reminder that good, kind people still exist in the world. I really hope you find a nice church home that welcomes you and makes you feel at peace

          21. Thank you… what kind words… I hope that I am all that you say. It is what I aspire to be. If we have no laws Fancie – then one would tend to think that it would be a license to sin – but it is so far from the truth about the grace of God. Truly understanding the grace that God gave us is a free gift. Free, yet paid for in Full by Jesus. The old covenant was fulfilled when Christ exclaimed, “It Is Finished!” He bore our sin debt from birth to death. It’s all in there Fancie. The Holy Bible is our road map for life. It’s a living word. So precious. Anyhoodles. If you’re truly interested in grace I can hook u up! Love Ya gal. <3

          22. fancie

            I’d love that!

          23. Here is one link Fancie…. this is my beloved Pastor — and his website. You would want to go back to some of the older sermons…. and you’re also welcome to go to my blog. and look under “grace101” I think is the name of one of them… “grace again” is another one…. I write about grace a lot. But Pastor Paul is the source that I’d refer you to, not me. I am not nearly as educated (not even close) he is working on his doctorate… He just finished doing a work on the covenant – a four part series that would probably answer any of your questions. And of course anything that you’d like to know that I can I’ll answer for you. What I do know is that the Old Testament was a foreshadowing of what was to come. The people asked for the law. They wanted rules that they could follow – to please God and God gave them to them.. The original covenant was one of promise beginning with Abraham – and it was one of faith. God promised Abraham that everything that he saw was his, and he blessed all of his seed – for years to come. It’s in Genesis I’m not sure just where. I can’t explain all of it Fancie… my memory just isn’t that good. But Pastor Paul has lots of free sermons…. and all of the are titled. If you need any help just let me know hon…. my email is [email protected]

          24. fancie

            Thank you so much for sharing this with me!! I’m working on my spirituality and this is right on time

          25. Good – it’s an honor to share it with you! I so hope you enjoy them! I could listen to Pastor all day and if you listen, you’ll soon discover why I miss him so as my personal confidant. I just felt so safe knowing he was nearby – and secure. I think they call that an attachment disorder!!! LOL Hell, everything good is called something these days! NO, on the real, he is an amazing man of God – and is so anointed. He is in California now, but preaches all over. I am behind on several of his sermons, I need to catch up myself. Hope you find it fulfilling and that most of all you see Jesus! That is the main thing Fancie!!!

          26. fancie

            I’m so happy you’re still able to keep up with his sermons at least. They seem to bring you such joy and peace. I just love that!

          27. Yes… sorry about my last message, I’ve been sick so overlook it. Not this one but the one right before my birthday — was SO lonely… I’ve also connected with his Mom – and we’re becoming friends and I love that. She is Super sweet and misses him so much. She of all people knows how much I Miss Pastor. I’m so far behind on his sermons. I truly hope that you do go listen, and that they bring you peace. That is the main thing, Jesus and peace. I’m so sorry that I am up and down FAncie. With the med changes, changes at work and all – I’m just adjusting.. I’m sitting here waiting to start a new woman’s support group… we’ll see what this brings, time for some proactive change. I’m tired of ever wind and whim getting me so down. Once I get the meds straighten out it will be better and get some folks in my life. I’m just going to have to work at it as it seems. I’m willing and God is more than able…. Thanks so much for keeping up with me! You’re a doll.

          28. fancie

            Don’t apologize for being human! We all have our ups and downs and life. I could certainly live without the downs myself but they make the good times so much better. I think starting a women’s support group is an excellent idea! It helps to know you’re not the only one struggling and have good people to listen and support you. I pray you’ll be able to work things out!

          29. Group was a bust… I went and one of the girls had a seizure.. freaked me out – and I left. Needless to say I didn’t really get what I needed. OH well maybe I’ll try something else? There’s got to be a way to find friends. I’m not going to give up!!! i appreciate your prayers!!!

          30. fancie

            Oh goodness. That sounds terrifying!! I would have left too. That’s some crazy energy to try carrying. Ahhh well though. I know your group is still going to end up a success. I don’t doubt it for a second!

          31. Yeah it was pretty crazy. Hey I got some new oils. I’m excited. I posted them on instagram. One is by Ganique and the other is Mediskin. One is a c-cream type oil but they are both multi-type oils. It’s bizarre. I just don’t want anything to break me OUT!!!! I freak on that stuff. So far it was lovely. I just did one of them, the one time. I had been using a large sample of Genifique. It’s been wonderful. I adore it but who can afford that? My skin is so awful away. But I have fun. I’ve yet to find my hg foundation though. I do really like MAC matt powder foundations but I don’t know my shade and I’ve never had access to a store before (her eyes flutter and she nearly faints…..) I would flat out die at a MAC store. And you know what? I was at the Mega Mall at least three times and did not go to the MAC store. I watch the Mega mall being built in Bloomington, MN. I lived there for two years. Ain’t that crazy? It’s so frigging big. I love Minnesota – it’s a beautiful state, it will always have my heart. I had money in Minnesota!!! And I bought stuff!

          32. Just ease your new beauty oils into your routine. Be sure to keep the rest of your skincare routine the same though so that way if you notice any breakouts you’ll know for certain what caused it. When I was working at Nordstrom, the counter manager made me try Genifique and omg I loved it! It’s so moisturizing and makes the skin look really nice and smooth. It is pretty pricey though. Hence why I never bought the full size lol. I’d love for Lancome to make a slightly smaller version. I can’t believe you’ve never been to a MAC store! You really have to go one day! It’s too much fun/temptation lol. Plus, some of the artist are really nice and helpful. They’ll get you matched and help you find a foundation you’ll love too.

          33. I will get to a MAC store one day. There is one about an hour and a half away from here in Jonesboro, Tn. I’d wear their foundation all the time if I knew my shade… I love their liquid and their powders. I don’t always care for the shadows though – the last one that I ordered is like chalk. I don’t know what they are doing but it isn’t good with that.
            Since I am thinking about it Fancie, where in the heck do you get this Color Pop that I’ve been seeing all over blogs??? I’ve yet to see it anywhere. It’s probably a product that we don’t have a store for.
            I’ve recently been loving a drugstore foundation – it’s Mabellline of all things. It’s the Superstay line. It’s the micro-flex formula – it doesn’t transfer and the wear time is amazing. The coverage is buildable, but I really get an airbrushed look after powder and setting spray. I bought it on a whim, and ended up really liking it!

          34. I’ve been avoiding MAC shadows lately for the same reason. I’ve been reading too many bad reviews about their new palettes and stuff. Not a good look for the price. ColourPop is a new indie brand that’s online only at the moment. I’d love to see them in stores as I always end up forgetting to order lol. Their stuff seems to be pretty darn good though so I need to hop on that when they restock the liquid lipsticks. Maybelline makes some of the best drugstore foundations and concealers though so I’m not surprised you came across one you like. I’m addicted to the Fit Me line so I’m curious to try the new Superstayline. I think my CVS has the display already so I’m gonna try to find a match. Thanks for the heads up!

          35. Your welcome – I don’t usually think that I like a liquid foundation until I use one. I guess powder is just so much less messy – and convenient. I’ve been tanning and I will need to get a darker shade soon of something – and you say you really like the Fit me line? I do love their concealers. I have one, and I love it. I guess I’m just like that with foundation, always on the lookout for a new one. I got that BH Cosmetic one but I’m not impressed with it. Oh well, it was only $5 – and I can wear it in winter blended. Any recommendations on a new liquid foundation? I prefer full coverage – I just have dark spots and acne scars. I could do a medium I suppose…

          36. I’m surprised you didn’t like the BH one! Everyone really seems to like it. What was wrong with it? I do love the Fit Me line but it’s more light to medium coverage. If you’re looking for something with a little more coverage I think you may like the Revlon Colorstay line. That’s another one that gets a lot of rave reviews. It comes in a liquid and cream version. It’s pretty nice

          37. The BH one – well maybe it was the color – no, it was the consistency. I did not like either…. I guess I was comparing it to MAC which is not fair for the price. It was just really a “faint” sort of color Fancy – and really not good coverage, it did not go on well for me. It left me looking washed out.
            Funny you should mention Revlon Colorstay, that’s exactly what I got!!! I’m wearing it right now and I love it! It blends incredibly well, and the color that I got is fantastic! I crossed the ‘tan’ that I know works for me in Neurtogena and found the match in Revlon. I’m really impressed so far – I’ve only worn it a few times, but man with the brush I’m using it is effortless. I use primer of course. Wear-time is fab, especially mixed with the Loreal spray foundation setting spray. I don’t have to touch it. Wow we’ve came a long way even in these hot, humid, horrible days!!! LOL (I work nights) (vvveg)

          38. LOL we are always on the same page! I had a feeling you’d like the Colorstay. It was one of the first foundations I tried and I really liked how easy it was to apply and how natural it looked. I’m also glad you tried the L’Oreal spray too. I swear by it now! Sometimes I won’t get home until 10-12 hours later and my makeup still looks fresh. It is gold! I’m gonna save up some extra care bucks and buy another bottle for cheap when it goes on sale

          39. Yes girl, love the foundation – and the setting spray — I think I like it better than fix+. I’m going to try and find the shade that I need in the Colorstay for my regular everyday wear without a tan – I’m loving it so much. I just need to find some brushes. Maybe that’s what I need to invest in with the credit that I’ll get at Sephoria? I’m using a inexpensive NYX stipple to apply it with now and it is going on fine, but I just feel like I could do better you know? The brush is stiff. On the one hand it doesn’t absorb the foundation, which is good – but I don’t like how it feels on my skin either. I was looking at some of the Sephoria ones, but it is just so hard to tell by a website. Any suggestions of a good foundation brush sweetie? I don’t like the flat ones… I have a good one for that, but that just feels (to me) like it’s “painted on”. I like the more air-brushed look of the stipple.
            At any rate, with my new tan the foundation looks great. I am shocked that I was able to cross those colors and get such a good match. I just hope I can find my natural shade as easily….. what are your hours?

          40. I know what you mean about the flat top brushes. I like to use them for powder and sponges or a stippling brush for liquids too. You should checkout Real Techniques brushes. You can find them at Ulta, Walgreens and Bed, Bath & Beyond. They’re pretty affordable. Each brush is under $20 and they have sets for under $30 all of which are pretty great quality. Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target are pretty good too though I prefer her individual brushes over her sets. My hours fluctuate a bit but I usually work afternoons with some evening and morning shifts tossed in 5 days a week

          41. I’ve heard good things about Real Techniques… and we do have them at Walgreens and CVS. The stipple is so small! Or at least the ones that we have. I’ve seen some at Marshall’s but they’re no name brands. Are you doing the BB full face yet? Or do you think that you will? I know you said that you were loving her moisture creme. I’ll bet it smells amazing. I have one of her blushes and I love it. Very pigmented. i want a shimmer brick, I’ve never had one. I don’t use the shadow stick even though I got it, I guess it’s because it’s that taupe shade….. I need to play with it and see what looks I can create. Are you getting 40 hours a week? That’s great!!! I’m down to almost nothing… but I’m going to have to do something about my back. i’ve been ini so much pain. I guess it is neuropathy, or sciatica. I don’t know but it was almost funny — I went to K-Mart and almost didn’t make it out the other day. My leg hurt so badly. I laugh now but it sure wasn’t funny the other day! I need surgery, and just didn’t opt for it. Three months recovery time…..who has that? But it’s getting worse. The pain wakes me up and I can’t rest. And I have a really good bed too. I don’t know FAncie – it’s sort of bumming me out – but I know it’s always worse after work…. people that don’t hurt are so lucky.

          42. Oh no, that doesn’t sound good at all! I know you’re not the biggest fan of pain meds either so have you been self medicating? I hear it really helps for back and joint pain. I know you don’t want to be out of commission for 3 months but I really do want you to consider the surgery if it’s truly going to help you. Waking up in pain is no fun and your body needs rest for strength. If possible, ask your boss if you could have a few extra 10-15 minute breaks where you can just rest your feet. Work puts a lot of stress on the body so you really have to start getting some much needed rest and relaxation on your off days.

          43. OH that would be excellent!!!!! I love it when you have a day off and I get all these!!! It’s SO fun! I just sent you my address! I’d love some samples!! I’m really glad to hear that you’re liking her line, it would be really hard if you didn’t. I’d love to have that pink shadow stick. How do you use it? Do you blend it out? I haven’t played with the one that I have because I don’t really know how to use it.
            I know that I need to have the surgery. I have been in agony even with my pain meds. I can’t self medicate, because of the meds. I think I popped positive at the pain clinic, and they will take my meds…. I have to wait and see and if they did, I’m in trouble. If they did I’ll have to self medicate. No choice. It’s just so expensive.
            I went back to church last night. It was so good to see everyone. I haven’t been able to go because of work on Sundays, and my hours. I have been missing Pastor Paul so much. I’m isolated and alone, and missing friends. I am about to get a t.v. at least so I can have some noise and something to stare at. I do okay for the most part, but I do get really lonesome at times. I have no life….. and I’ve tried but it’s so hard to trust people. Last time I did I got stolen from… so I just stay away from people. Shoot about the only pleasure that I do get is buying makeup! And people are on my ass about that. Go figure! They don’t live my life! Hell they couldn’t even begin to deal with the pain that I do. I can deal with the back pain it’s the dang leg pain that gets to me. anyway – that would be awesome Fancie of you if you could send me some stuff. If there’s anything down south you could think of you’d like, just let me know and I’ll get it to you!!! Oh I got a home for the last kitten! Yesterday! Now I’ve got to get Momma spayed. Somehow…… theres already males around. She’ll be in heat before I know it. Dang feral cats! Good to hear from you!!!!

          44. And I forgot – we don’t get breaks – we work solo. Yeah, I know but I only work a few hours… and I got a new chair which will help. Voc Rehabilitation got a new (really cool) chair for me. I’m excited to take it in tonight if I don’t hurt myself getting it out of the back of my car… YIKES. Oh and btw – I ordered the Chanel mascara that Karen @ MBB likes – and one from MAC that I like – blew about 60 bucks @ Nordies online! OH well!! It was fun!!! Ill have mascara for days now!!!!!

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