Sephora Goodies!

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Viggle drives me crazy sometimes but I love getting free gift cards! I recently cashed in some of my gift cards to pick up some new goodies from the Sephora Collection. I’ve been needing another Z Palette since forever and everyone is obsessed with the new Luster Matte Liquid Lipstick so my picks were really simple. Check it out!

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Sephora recently teamed up with Z Palette to create 2 custom palettes with their signature black and white stripes. The palettes come in a small size (for eyeshadows) and larger dome size (for face powders and such). Of course, I opted for the dome size. Because, well, I have a lot of stuff! After my depot party, I had random pans just kinda lying around waiting for a home. Thankfully, this big beauty fits everything inside nice and cozy! Plus, it comes with a pack of magnets and a metal spatula. I love it so far! Naturally, I took a lot of pictures so I’ll show just how much space it holds in a sec!

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As for the Luster Matte Lipsticks, I picked up two shades: Lilac and Mulberry. Lilac is a cool pinky lilac while Mulberry is a warm, deep fuchsia that almost pulls red. The formula seems to be incredibly pigmented and creamy. Both shades swatched very well with bold, intense color in a single swipe.

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I was eager to try on Lilac so I slipped it on and I, must say, I’m a little disappointed. The color is so beautiful and has just enough pink that it doesn’t look chalky or ashy. But it settled into every nook and cranny of my lips. It was bad! I’m going to try to make it work but I already see problems ahead. I’m hoping since Mulberry is much darker I’ll have better luck.

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Have you tried the Sephora Luster Matte Lipsticks yet? If so, drop a comment! I’d love to hear how you like the formula and find some new colors to try. You know. Just in case someone (cough, Lilac, cough) needs to go back.

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Mulberry and Lilac

2 Thoughts to “Sephora Goodies!”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try those lusters! Cute little haul! Now I might have to start using my Viggle app again – when I first downloaded it there weren’t that many gift card options. I need free makeup! lol.

    1. fancie

      The gift card section has been so bare! I also stopped for a while because the selection was so limited. They still have Sephora but you have to catch it quick :/. I keep reading about the Luster lipsticks so I’m hoping they work well for me.

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