Clarins Be Long Mascara Review


Who doesn’t want long, sexy lashes? I know I do! I love using falsies to achieve long fluttering lashes but sometimes it’s nice to skip them and pile on the mascara. Especially when you have a formula!


If you’re looking for lots of length you’ll definitely love the Clarins Be Long Mascara! It comes in a sleek gold tube with a small “C” embossed into the cap. There’s no writing or logos on the tube so the packaging looks very simple and elegant. Be Long Mascara also features a small, bushy spiked plastic applicator that grabs onto each lash rather well. It’s great for thick, bushy lashes that love to clump together.


The formula has a slightly “wet” thin texture that adds lots of length while separating and curling each lash. It really tames my unruly lashes and makes them look super long and curly. Plus, it makes my eyes look all big and doll like. * swoon * The only thing I don’t like about Be Long is that it isn’t water resistant at all. If your eyes don’t water much you’ll be able to blink your long, flirty lashes all day without much flaking or smudging. However, if your eyes water like Niagara Falls (sadly, me) you’ll want to keep a tissue handy. Be Long Mascara won’t give you full on raccoon eyes but, depending on the water works, it’ll begin to flake and disappear in no time. To combat this, I like to use my Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. It seems to give the formula¬†a better base to adhere to so it doesn’t wear off as easily.

The Clarins Be Long Mascara isn’t completely perfect but don’t knock it ’til you try it! I really hope Clarins comes out with a waterproof version in the near future though. That would make this holy grail material!


2 Thoughts to “Clarins Be Long Mascara Review”

  1. Amy

    The no-waterproof thing nixed it for me, too. I tried it at the counter and liked the results…but am waiting on waterproof for sure. In the meantime, it’s all about benefit they’re real!

    1. fancie

      I love They’re Real! That’s my all time favorite! Clarins would be a close runner up if there was a waterproof version though. I really hope they make one soon!

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