Falsies Fail: Kardashian Beauty Flirt Lashes


I love the Kardashians. I really do! From all the flawless makeup to the stylish digs. They just seem to get it right. But these falsies? Honey. You guys know you’re wrong! I hate to single you out, Kim, but I have to serve some major side eye your way.


Kim Kardashian is known for a lot of things but her makeup is arguably the most iconic thing about her. She knows how to work a beat mug! * snaps in z formation * I’m sure that’s why so many people (myself included) were so excited when the Kardashian Beauty line was announced. I’ve yet to try any of the actual makeup but if it’s anything like these Flirt lashes then someone needs their hand spanked. These falsies were pretty terrible!


While the Flirt lashes look incredibly sexy in the packaging it’s pretty underwhelming once applied. There’s no real curl and they’re made of synthetic fibers so they don’t look natural at all. Flirt looks super shiny and stiff and has a really thick, hard band that was difficult to apply. Kinda like those really, really cheap lashes you see on eBay. Ironically though, you can still find much better falsies than these on eBay. And for much cheaper! Can you believe these things cost $7?! Plastic looking lashes may work for some but they’re a complete no go for me. I know you may be eyeing the new Kardashian Beauty displays that are starting to pop up at CVS and that’s okay. Just make sure to steer clear of the Flirt lashes!

5 Thoughts to “Falsies Fail: Kardashian Beauty Flirt Lashes”

  1. Lash Lover

    Interesting review. I LOVE them! You are correct that the band is very stiff — so Ihave to wait until the glue is very tacky before I try to apply. Then I have no trouble. I have been wearing lashes for more years than I will admit. I find these to be the longest lasting lashes I have ever used. They keep their shape (even if you sleep with side of your face against a pillow on a plane) The glue peels off easily without moving the lash on the base. I’m having to buy them from overseas now, because almost all stores have discontinued them. Very disappointing!!

    1. fancie

      Which styles do you like? I may give them another chance just because I’m a lash lover lol. But these were so hard to work with! It’s like the band wouldn’t bend at all. Maybe I just need to let the glue sit a little longer. Thank you!

  2. down2marsgirl

    I’m sad that you didn’t like the flirt lashes! They are my absolute favorites! I get so many compliments on them — and sadly I can’t find them anywhere anymore. What lashes do you recommend?

    1. down2marsgirl

      Also, what I love about them is that I can use the same pair for a full month! That is why I like the thick band. I wash them after every use, and they don’t come apart.

      1. fancie

        Have you tried checking CVS? They just recently started carrying them and I see them all the time at my local location. I absolutely love the Kiss EZ lashes and Ardell lashes. The bands aren’t as thick as this one but they’re still very sturdy. I wash and reuse my lashes all the time and they hold up perfectly fine. My favorite is the Kiss EZ Lash #11

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