Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil Review


There’s a ton of great stuff you can put in your hair to keep it healthy and soft. My personal favorite? Oils! They’re just so versatile, you know?  You can use them to moisturize, condition, pre-poo and more. I usually switch up my oils a bit but I’ve been reaching for my Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil a lot lately. It makes my hair feel so good!


Like other Hollywood Beauty oils, Coconut Oil is more of an oil blend with a mix of soybean oil, safflower oil, rose hip fruit oil and more. It has a soft, sweet coconut scent that lingers a bit and smells so delicious! The texture is lightweight and absorbs very quickly into the hair and skin without feeling greasy. It’s pretty hydrating and leaves my hair and skin feeling silky soft and moisturized. It delivers a lot of shine too! The Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil works wonders alone but it’s also great for mixing. I love mixing a few drops into my leave-in and deep conditioner to boost moisture and shine. I even mix it with my body lotion sometimes! The Hollywood Beauty oils are a little pricey considering you only get 2 ounces for around $3 but I really enjoy using them. Especially Coconut Oil! It may not be pure coconut oil but the blend works so well I don’t even mind!

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  1. riri

    I purchased the olive oil one, my hair is curly and colored so hopefully will add back moisture

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