Manicure Monday!


Oh how I’ll miss you summer! I know it’s not quite fall yet but it’s already starting to get pretty darn cold here in Michigan. I’m talking scarves and boots cold. Brr! Mother nature may be trying to mellow out my summer vibe but I’m still going out with a bang!

I’ve always been a little nervous (okay, too scared lol) to try an all white manicure but after seeing Essie Marshmallow polish I thought it might look pretty cool. Somehow I let the nail tech talk me into trying a matte white manicure and nail design using Essie’s Matte Top Coat. White definitely takes some getting used to so I opted for a simple zigzag white design on my ring fingers and then added some Ciatè studs for a little funk. It’s certainly different from what I’m used to but I like it! It might be a little white overload but I still want to try Marshmallow really soon too. We swatched it before trying the matte and it’s a really easy white polish to wear. I think I’m addicted! What’s on your nails right now?