OCC Hoochie Cosmetic Colour Pencil Review


Do you need to apply a lip liner every time you wear lipstick? Not exactly. Will it make your pout look super neat, luscious and polished, though? You bet! We all struggle from time to time to keep our pouts perfectly defined and lipstick in line (hey, that rhymed!). That’s why I love lip liners! My current fave? OCC Hoochie Cosmetic Colour Pencil. It’s pretty darn great!


At first glance, Hoochie looks a lot like MAC Magenta lip pencil. It’s totally different though! I actually like it better! * ducks tomatoes * Magenta has been a longtime favorite but Hoochie is serving up some mean competition! It’s a vibrant cool magenta with a strong purple undertone and matte finish. Compared to Magenta, Hoochie is much brighter and more purple. It makes Magenta look more like a fuchsia!


I even like the formula a bit more too! Hoochie feels incredibly creamy and applies smoothly without any tugging or pulling. Some lip liners can feel a little stiff and dry but Hoochie was a dream to wear. It wasn’t drying at all and it didn’t make my lips look all dry and funky either. Hoochie is actually smooth enough to wear on its own! It doesn’t bleed, feather or settle at all during wear. Oh, and it lasts pretty long too! Hoochie wears comfortably for around 4-6 hours before beginning to fade into a stain that lasts for around 2-4 hours. It prolongs the wear of my lipstick with no problems and helps eliminate bleeding, feathering and settling.

Did I mention that you can use it on your body too? Yup. You can even use it to create cool body art! Some of the Cosmetic Colour Pencils are also suitable for eye use but OCC recommends to keep Hoochie out of the immediate eye area. I’m guessing it’s because the dye or staining might irritate the eyes. My eyes can be pretty sensitive so I was too nervous to try it as an eyeliner. But if you’re daring enough I think it’ll look pretty bad ass on your bottom lid!



2 Thoughts to “OCC Hoochie Cosmetic Colour Pencil Review”

  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Great shade on you! I can’t wear the lippies because of the peppermint oil. I will have to check these pencils out.

    1. fancie

      Thank you! It’s too bad you can’t wear the lipsticks but I think you’ll enjoy the pencils. They’re just as good and way less messy lol

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