Sonia Kashuk Goddess Illuminating Bronzer Review


There’s a lot of reasons why I love MAC but the amazing Extra Dimension Skinfinish powders are what really sealed the deal for me. They make you glow like crazy and feel so velvety smooth that you’d swear you weren’t using a powder. I love them! Unfortunately, they cost a nice chunk of change ($30) and are limited edition. Good thing I found a wonderful dupe!


The Sonia Kashuk Goddess Illuminating Bronzer reminds me so much of the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish powders! It lacks the raised wave design and MAC imprint but that embossed snake skin pattern is way better! Pictures honestly don’t do it any justice. This bronzer is absolutely stunning in person! It’s so beautiful that you’ll probably want to frame it and place it on your vanity so it doesn’t get ruined. Thankfully, the print seems to go pretty deep through the pan. I’ve actually owned this bronzer for years but never took a picture before using it. What you’re seeing now is actually how it looks after weeks of use. Not too shabby right?


Goddess is a sultry, shimmering bronze with an incredibly silky texture that feels like almost like a cream. It has very fine shimmer that’s rather subtle so it doesn’t emphasize pores much at all. The color is absolutely beautiful on brown skin but I think Goddess will work on lighter complexions as well. You’ll just have to use a lighter hand (and maybe a duo fibre brush) because the bronze base is pretty pigmented.

Goddess starts off with a very subtle lit from within kind of glow but it’s buildable. You can achieve full on golden goddess cheekbones if you layer it on. It reminds me a lot of my beloved Magnetic Appeal. It’s slightly darker and more pigmented but it performs pretty much the same. Like Magnetic Appeal, Goddess is almost impossible to overdo. The shimmer is so fine that you’d literally have to pack it on for it to look unnatural or metallic. At $13, Goddess is a bit pricier than other drugstore bronzers but the formula is truly amazing. It lasts me all day (8-10 hours) and makes my skin look super glowy and radiant. If you missed out on Magnetic Appeal you absolutely need to run to Target to grab this!



Here I am wearing Goddess on my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose 🙂

8 Thoughts to “Sonia Kashuk Goddess Illuminating Bronzer Review”

  1. Jessica Ruth

    This is gorgeous!

  2. kwmechelle


  3. Amare

    Goddess is my most used highlighter, the Magnetic Appeal. They both give me an amazing glow without the shimmer or glittery mess that a lot of others do.

    1. fancie

      Mine too! I love how easy they are to use and how natural they look

  4. Hey Fancie, this looks nice and glowy on you! The texture looks great. I am partial to these gelee powders as well. They just look so much smoother than most powders!

    1. fancie

      Thank you! I am too. They give a beautiful glow without just sitting on the skin.

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