Buxom Fall Lip!


Let me tell you how much I love my Buxom lipstick! Swinger is ultra smooth, creamy and feels so good on the lips. And the color? Just beautiful! It’s cool pinky magenta that’ll look lovely on a variety of complexions. I have a ton of new lipsticks to test but I always find myself slipping this baby on because it’s so easy to wear and inspires me to create cool color combos. Since it’s starting to get chilly out, I decided to vamp Swinger out a bit using my MAC Nightmoth lip pencil. It was super easy too!

  1. First, prep your lips for a smooth, clean application by exfoliating and applying a light layer of hydrating balm.
  2. Wait a couple of minutes for your balm to soak in (or blot if you’re pressed for time) and begin to outline your lips with Nightmoth.
  3. Next, add definition to the lips by contouring. Yes, you can contour your lips too! Apply Nightmoth heavily to the corners of your lips and blend it slightly to the center.
  4. Carefully apply Swinger to the center of the lips avoiding the Nightmoth outline you just created.
  5. Finally, softly mush your lips together to blend everything and create a cool, fall ombre lip effect. You can also use a lip brush to achieve an even more precise look.

All done! Of course, you don’t have to limit this look to Swinger and Nightmoth. You can create this effect by pairing any lipstick with a deeper lip liner. The possibilities are endless!


4 Thoughts to “Buxom Fall Lip!”

  1. This is a great look! 😀 Buxom lipsticks are on my absolute must try list – we get a bit of Bare Minerals stuff here, but sadly not the Buxom line. Love the ‘ombre vamp’ thin you’ve got going on here – at the risk of making you back away slowly and edge for the door: you have such amazing lips!

    1. fancie

      LOL I live for your comments! I’m the same way on other blogs lol. Thank you so much! I wish more brands were accessible to you guys. I had no idea how nice the Buxom lipstick formula is. Everyone deserves to try it!

  2. Kay's Ways


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