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Can you believe its fall already?! I feel like I’ve been stuck in a time warp or something. There’s no way the year is going by this fast! All I can do is wave farewell to our dear, short-lived friend, summer. Oh, how I’ll miss you! But all good things must come to an end, right? While I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to summer I have faith that my current faves will get me through the fall. Check them out!

Sonia Kashuk Goddess Illuminating Bronzer I live for glowing golden cheeks so it’s not a shocker that I’ve been obsessed with this bronzer. Goddess gives the most beautiful subtle glow while adding warmth to my complexion. It really brightens my face and makes my skin look like it’s been dipped in the finest of gold!

Revlon Cappuccino Nearly Naked Foundation I’m not the kind of gal who rocks foundation everyday but when I do Nearly Naked is usually my first choice! The creamy lightweight formula evens my complexion with ease while setting to a natural skin-like finish. I can’t get enough of it!

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray When my skin started to get oily I began freaking out but thankfully NYX had my back! The Matte Finish Setting Spray keeps my shine in check all day. Plus, it makes a great primer and helps lock in my look. I don’t know how I survived without it!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser Talk about a blast from the past! I came across my old Vitamin E Cream Cleanser recently and fell in love all over again! It’s super creamy and gentle so it’s great for my sensitive, dry skin. Not to mention, it removes makeup pretty well too!

Kiss Ever EZ #11 Lash I’m all for long, uber glamorous lashes but sometimes a more natural approach is cool too! I don’t always feel like sporting a full (or even half) face of makeup some days so the Kiss #11 Lash really comes in handy when I need a little oomph. They add glamour and flare without looking too heavy or dramatic. After trying them for the first time I make sure to keep my stash stocked!

Chanel Lotion Douceur Gentle Hydrating Toner My skin was starting to get pretty wonky but thankfully Lotion Douceur is keeping things in check! With just a quick swipe, Lotion Douceur removes all the leftover dirt, oil and makeup that my cleanser missed leaving my skin feeling squeaky clean and soft. It’s very gentle on my sensitive skin and helps keep my oil check. I can’t rave about it enough!

NARS Polynesia Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer While Nearly Naked has become my go to foundation I still have plenty of love for my NARS Tinted Moisturizer! It’s a little more lightweight than Nearly Naked but it has the same amount of coverage so it’s great for quick days on the go. It makes my skin look effortlessly flawless. I don’t even need to set it with powder!

Buxom Swinger Full Bodied Lipstick I have a ton of lipsticks but my lips are always dying to wear Swinger! The color is pure perfection against my skin tone and the formula is so creamy and hydrating.It’s heaven for dry lips!

Too Faced Melted Violet Liquid Lipstick You know I couldn’t leave out a bit of purple! I adore pink lips but purple has become a serious addiction for me. Melted Violet served as my purple muse this month and it didn’t disappoint! The color is so bold and bright that it looks amazing against my complexion. Love it!

MAC Sideshow You Blush A small part of me still regrets skipping the glosses but boy am I glad that I couldn’t resist this blush! Upon swatching, I thought it was going to be way too light but Sideshow You really caught me by surprise. It’s an amazing everyday blush! It gives my cheeks a soft, peachy coral wash of color that really warms up my complexion. I wear it all the time!

Which beauty products are your current faves? Drop a comment!

2 Thoughts to “Fancie Faves”

  1. Those lashes look really cool! I like how they actually come with an applicator, since I suck at applying falsies LOL The lippies look great, too! Swinger seems to be well-loved!

    1. fancie

      They’ve become my go to falsies. I love them so much! Lol you just need a little more practice. Believe it or not, I struggled for a long time learning how to apply them lol. Swinger is definitely my new favorite lipstick though!

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