MAC The Matte Lip Haul & Swatches


My lipsticks are finally here! * does a quick happy dance * There’s nothing like new MAC lippies in the mail! The Matte Lip Collection has come and gone but surprisingly all of the lipsticks are still in stock. It’s actually quite a breath of fresh air to see limited edition MAC collections stick around for longer than 5 minutes. Makes it easier to go back for seconds!


The MAC Lip Collection featured 8 limited edition lipsticks but I only snatched up two of them. So far. At the moment, I have La Vie En Rouge and Fashion Revival. But now that I’m seeing more brown gal swatches I’m starting to have seconds thoughts about some shades I passed up. Like Pander Me and Nouvelle Vouge. They’re looking mighty nice to me right now!


Not as good as these two beauties though! La Vie En Rouge and Fashion Revival are just gorgeous and totally my type of colors. La Vie En Rouge is a bright bold coral with a hint of pink. While Fashion Revival is a mid-tone berry that really steals the show! It’s exactly what I was hoping Rihanna’s Heaux lipstick would look like. I can’t wait to try it on! If you haven’t gotten your MAC matte lip fix then you need to run over to MAC and check them out!


Fashion Revival and La Vie En Rouge

8 Thoughts to “MAC The Matte Lip Haul & Swatches”

  1. Jessica Ruth

    Yesss! La Vie En Rouge was the only one that I picked up, but Living Legend is looking really good to me…lol

    1. fancie

      Living Legend does look very pretty!!

  2. Amare

    I picked up Fashion Revival and Damn Glamorous! I’m in love with both. I swatched the others in store but none of those (besides Heroine-which I have already) did well with my skin tone. Sucks because they all looked very pretty on everyone else!

    1. fancie

      Aww, well at least you get to save a few bucks! Honestly, the lipsticks in this collection were pretty dupable so you’re not really missing out on much lol. Damn Glamorous was on my list but I seem to have all the dupes for it so I skipped. It’s a really beautiful color though!

  3. I’ve been looking for a color like Fashion Revival forever. I want it now!

    1. fancie

      Me too! I want to order a backup lol

    1. fancie

      They’re so beautiful! I’m still obsessed with Fashion Revival lol

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