Meet the New Victoria’s Secret VSX Sport Bra!


If you like long workout sessions or yoga by the beach then you’ll love the new VSX Sport bra! Victoria’s Secret really went all out with these babies. Comfortable. Sexy. Fashionable. The VSX Sport Bra has it all!


I’m not much of a workout junkie but I’ve randomly put on 10-15 pounds in the last few months. I know you’re probably thinking, “Well, you could use it!” Truthfully, I could! I’m kinda enjoying my bigger boobs and slightly rounder butt, hips and thighs. But you know what I can’t get jiggy with? This protruding belly, cellulite and double chin I have coming in. In the words of the ever so fabulous Tamar Braxton, “That ain’t hot!”


Thank goodness that my kind friends over at Influenster decided to send me one of the new VSX Sport Bras for free! Talk about motivation! Once I slipped this baby on I felt like I was ready to conquer the world. It has a super cute (and bright!) multicolored geometric design and it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. I guess that’s why it’s called Incredible! The Incredible Sport Bra features:

  • Maximum support
  • Breathable padding with wicking liner to keep you extra dry
  • Concealed wire for cushioned support
  • Padded straps and bonded, seamless technology that eliminates irritation
  • Super-soft elastic band for comfort & movement
  • Cushioned, adjustable back closure
  • Body-Wick keeps you cool & dry


I know the features may seem a little too good to be true but Victoria’s Secret truly delivers here! The Incredible Sport Bra is super comfortable and true to size. It’s padded for support  but it doesn’t feel bulky at all. It’s actually pretty lightweight and feels very soft. There’s also an underwire buried in there for additional support and a little lift. It’s everything I could want in a sport bra!


I’m not quite gym ready (aka too lazy) but I have managed to keep up a steady workout routine at home. I try to do 4 sets of 25 jumping jacks, 25 squats and 25 lunges a day. With some stretching before of course! After a while, I start to work up a bit of a sweat but the Incredible Sport Bra keeps my chest feeling dry and cool. The Body-Wick material absorbs sweat very well and rather quickly too. It never feels wet after my workout and it even remained dry during a 6 hour road trip in 80 degree weather.


And the bonus Knockout Tight I received? Love! These things are thick enough to wear in the colder months yet still comfortable in the heat. My nails always seem to poke holes in some of my cheaper leggings but they’re no match for the Knockout Tight! I’ve been wearing for them quite a lot lately because they’re oh so comfortable and flattering. They really hug my curves and lift my butt. I like, I like! Plus, it has an adjustable high waist design so it keeps my extra tummy meat in check! It also doesn’t reveal too much when paired with my Incredible Sport Bra which is also a nice treat. The only drawback is both of them are a little pricey for my college student budget. The Incredible Sport Bra will run you back at least $50 and the Knockout Tight starts at $67. I totally recommend signing up for the Victoria’s Secret mailing list and Angel rewards to save a few bucks! The deals can be pretty amazing!


Disclaimer: The materials in this post were sent to me to review. I was not compensated for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own. My purpose is to serve my readers!