NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection


I just finished my Christmas list, NARS! And you wanna lay this on me?? I didn’t think I could handle anymore holiday collections but I always have to make room for a little NARS. It’s only right! This holiday season NARS went all out with a limited edition collection with new formulas and specially crafted packaging by architectural designer Chris Kabatsi. It’s so beautiful! Check it out!

Hardwired Lipstick ($26.00)

  • Adriatic glistening soft cream
  • Deadly Catch crimson
  • Femme Fleur shimmering brick red with gold pearl

Lipgloss ($26.00)

  • Soleil d’Orient shimmering pink champagne
  • Burning Love bright ruby with subtle shimmer
  • Corsica shimmering pink raspberry

Hardwired Eyeshadow ($25.00)

  • Canberra shimmering lavender
  • Deadly Catch crimson
  • Femme Fleur shimmering brick red with gold pearl

Blush ($30.00)

  • Almeria tan rose

Nail Polish ($20.00)

  • Barents Sea sparkling deep blue
  • Algonuiun sparkling lilac
  • Sherwood shimmering violet rose

The NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection will be available on October 15th at NARS boutiques and online. It will also be available at department and specialty stores beginning November 1st.







2 Thoughts to “NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection”

  1. I know, right? I’m eyeing Gabon (that bronzy green). If the quality is great and it’s not too cool-toned, IT SHALL BE MINE!

    1. fancie

      Doesn’t it look gorgeous?! I think I want the blush too!

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