Milani Enchanted Emerald Constellation Gel Eye Liner Review

Milani has released some pretty amazing new products this year but the Bedazzled Collection just takes the cake! I enjoyed the lipsticks but the Constellation Gel Eye Liners have really captured my heart. They’re truly out of this world!

More MAC Dupes Anyone?

When you’re a lipstick junkie finding dupes in your stash starts to become the norm after a while. To some people, this may be a sign that you have a problem. Me? I welcome you with open arms! Not only is a
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NYX BOGO Ulta Haul

Missed out on the big 40% off sale? No biggie! From now until October 25th NYX is buy one, get one 50% off. I don’t believe there’s an exclusions either so grab what you can before everything is out of stock!

Barbie Ultimate Lipstick Set Review

If all makeup companies could make a Barbie collection my life would be so much easier! Sure, I’d probably go broke collecting it all but I’d be such a glamorous, happy homeless woman. I just love me some Barbie! You should have
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MAC The Matte Lip Haul & Swatches

My lipsticks are finally here! * does a quick happy dance * There’s nothing like new MAC lippies in the mail! The Matte Lip Collection has come and gone but surprisingly all of the lipsticks are still in stock. It’s actually quite
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