Even More Milani to Come!


And the reward for best drugstore brand of the year goes to……Milani! I may be a little bias but let’s admit it. Milani has pushed out a LOT of great products this year! The new lipsticks, glosses, eyeliners, polish and more have been quite a huge hit. And it’s no surprise why. The quality is beyond amazing for the price and Milani is incredibly innovative!

Lately, they’ve been releasing products that we’d usually see on the counters of department stores. Like those stunning rose blushes above. They totally remind me of the Clinique Pop blushes! I was a little bummed when I couldn’t find them earlier this year. Thankfully, they’re going to be added to Milani’s permanent lineup in January! According to Milani’s Instagram we can expect a lot more cool new products in 2015.


Including these cool looking Fierce Foil Eyeliners that will be available in Black Gold Foil, Brown Foil, Purple Foil and Navy Foil. These babies are also set to release in January.


Along with these amazing looking Fierce Foil Eyeshine Quads….


Plus, some new matte Color Statement lipsticks!

4 Thoughts to “Even More Milani to Come!”

  1. Kimberly Knox

    I am addicted to Milani!!! I am looking forward to purchasing these new products in January…

    1. fancie

      That makes 2 of us! I hope my local drugstores don’t take forever to get these goodies

  2. My Monthly Obsessions blog

    Oh my god!!! You just made my day. Milani is hands down my favorite drugstore brand and I will be buying everything above (except maybe the blue quad). Thanks!

    1. fancie

      Mine too! Knowing me, I’ll probably end up with everything too. Including the blue quad lol. Milani gets me every time!

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