MAC x Giambattista Valli Collection for Summer 2015


Another day, another MAC collab! When I woke up this morning, I checked Instagram (like we all do!) and saw that the wonderful gals of Specktra have uncovered yet another upcoming MAC collection. Their detective skills are the bomb! While we were sleeping, Vogue announced that MAC would be partnering with fashion designer, Giambattista Valli, to release a limited edition collection (with pretty packaging!) for summer 2015.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Who the heck is Giambattista Valli?” Don’t worry. I was too! It’s hard to keep up with all of these high fashion designers when you’re still living on a Forever 21 budget. * looks over at Barbie makeup bag * Anywho! Giambattista Valli is an Italian fashion designer from Rome who’s well known for his bold, floral dresses. So it makes a lot of sense for him to team up with MAC to give us these pretty looking flora-inspired matte lipsticks. The release date and such are still under wraps but stay tuned for updates!

4 Thoughts to “MAC x Giambattista Valli Collection for Summer 2015”

  1. LovePink

    I want all of these! Passing on today’s collection. Hope I don’t regret it.

    1. fancie

      Me too minus the pale pink one. I also passed on the Prabal Gurung collection. The prices were way too high for me

  2. Lol I had not a clue who he was either. They’re so pretty though

    1. fancie

      Lol glad it wasn’t just me! I can’t wait to see more pictures though. The packaging is so pretty!

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