CoverGirl Ooh La Lava Lip Lava Gloss Review


Told you, I already started testing these babies out! After seeing all that glitter I just couldn’t wait to see how the CoverGirl Lip Lava glosses held up.┬áThe first shade I decided to try was Ooh La Lava and I think I’m in love!


This gloss is so beautiful! Ooh La Lava is a pale, cool toned pinky lavender with tons of fine iridescent shimmer and a light, sweet candy scent. It’s easily one of the most unique glosses on the market because it’s crazy metallic. If you don’t like glittery lips then the Lip Lava line isn’t for you! The glitter is definitely noticeable from a distance and it’s very prominent as Ooh La Lava wears away too. But I love it! The finish has this really funky galaxy-like duochrome effect that looks so amazing.

While Ooh La Lava is pigmented enough to wear alone it’s even more stunning layered over lipsticks. It instantly takes any pink and purple (or whatever color you choose) to the next level. You don’t even have to pile it on to get all of that glittery goodness either. Ooh La Lava is loaded!


I’m not the biggest fan of brush applicators but I found Ooh La Lava very easy to apply and wear. The brush applicator is small and soft but not too flimsy so it’s easy to control and covers my full lips well. The formula is also very easy to wear. CoverGirl touts the Lip Lava formula as a balm, gloss and lipstick in one and I think the formula holds up to the claim. Ooh La Lava is one of the more sheer shades but it’s still pretty pigmented. Sort of like a lipstick. It also has all of the shine of a gloss and feels as moisturizing as a balm.

You’d think all of that glitter would be hard to wear but nope! Ooh La Lava performs very well and doesn’t feel gritty at all. It applies smoothly and evenly with a slightly thick, tacky texture that’s comfortable to wear and plays well with my imperfect lips. It didn’t emphasize any flakes or settle into my lip lines much and the color didn’t bleed or feather either. Ooh La Lava wears like a champ for around 3 hours before it begins to fade into a light lavender glitter bomb stain. After it’s gone, my lips are left feeling silky soft, smooth and moisturized like I’ve been wearing a balm. I’m very impressed! CoverGirl Ooh La Lava Lip Gloss may be the start of a very intense love affair!



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  1. BlushableMe

    These look like they’d be so much fun for New Year’s!

    1. fancie

      They do! They’re so sparkly and festive!

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