NARS Michiyo Audacious Lipstick Review


Do you know what I love? Barbie pink lippies! I probably should have grown out of my Barbie obsession by now but I just love everything about that gal. Especially her signature pink lipstick!


The only drawback? Barbie pinks can be a little tricky to pull off. That’s why I’m loving the NARS Michiyo Audacious Lipstick! It’s a bright hot pink with cool undertones and a satin finish.


Is the color dupable? Yeah. But the Audacious formula really sets Michiyo apart. It has a smooth, creamy lightweight texture that applies like butter with full coverage in a single swipe.

From beginning to end, Michiyo is very comfortable to wear and performs pretty well. I experienced some minor bleeding and settling but nothing like other lipsticks I’ve tried. I usually experience settling upon application with these kind of shades but Michiyo fares rather well until it begins to fade after 3-4 hours of wear. Don’t fret though! Michiyo leaves a crazy intense stain that lasts well into the next morning. I literally have to scrub the color off of my lips because it stains so well.

I know Michiyo and the rest of the Audacious gang are a little pricey at $32 but the formula really seems to be worth it. There’s a reason these things keep selling out everywhere!



3 Thoughts to “NARS Michiyo Audacious Lipstick Review”

  1. Why am I not even surprised you went for Michiyo? LOL It looks great on you! I haven’t really splurged on this, mostly because most reviewers don’t seem to think the formula is hydrating. I will make sure I swatch some when I get the change tho. That might change my mind 🙂

    1. fancie

      LOL it’s definitely my kind of shade! I was nervous at first but I actually like the formula so far. i only have one more to try and that will determine if I buy anymore. The colors are pretty but the price is a little steep!

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