Rimmel Red Alert Moisture Renew Lipstick Review


Don’t you hate when you love a lipstick but can’t stand the scent or taste? Ugh, it drives me crazy! Part of me wants to go to CVS and grab a ton of Rimmel’s recently relaunched Moisture Renew Lipsticks. But the smell and taste are holding me back a little. Just a little!


It’s been a while since I’ve tried a Rimmel lipstick so it was pretty darn cool to receive Red Alert in my Influenstuer Moda Vox Box. You guys know I love lipstick and need more reds so it was certainly appreciated!

Red Alert is a vibrant, neutral tomato red with a glossy finish. It’s a very classic red that’ll look flattering on a variety of skin tones. It’s bright but the glossy finish really makes it wearable. It’s one of those reds you can comfortably sport in the day time. I just wish Red Alert had a more girly, sweet scent instead of smelling and tasting like hand lotion. It’s not entirely terrible but things would be better if it didn’t linger.


The formula is actually quite nice, though. Red Alert is pigmented, very creamy and lightweight. It’s lightly moisturizing and doesn’t really emphasize flakes or settle into lip lines. The texture is a bit thin and slippery though so it tends to bleed and feather. Thankfully, a good lip liner helps lock the color in place.

When I first applied Red Alert, I didn’t think it would last long because it almost feels more like a gloss but the staying power is pretty impressive. Red Alert wears very comfortably for around 5-6 hours before beginning to fade into a solid stain. If you can get past the lotion-y scent and taste I say go for it! The Rimmel Red Alert Moisture Renew Lipstick is a really great red to have in your stash!



3 Thoughts to “Rimmel Red Alert Moisture Renew Lipstick Review”

  1. Hey Fancie, I love this coral/orange red on you! I get that problem, too. A lot of the times I want to try something from the drugstore, but one sniff at the display I’m like “oh hell no!” The last time I had this was with some Maybelline formula. It’s sad really!

    1. fancie

      Maybelline is one of the worst offenders lol. Their lipsticks smell like baby powder and pampers to me to me. It’s so odd! Why can’t everyone just stick with vanilla or something normal?

      1. I know. They smell like plastic to me. Sweetened plastic. Why???

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