Milani Matte Glam Color Statement Matte Lipstick Review


Listen, if you love purple lipsticks you NEED Matte Glam! Yes, need it. For the past two days, I’ve had to worry about semi-trucks, narrow lanes and no GPS signal during my never-ending road trip. But I never had to worry about my lipstick because it remained poppin’ all day!


Matte Glam is one of the eight new Color Statement Matte Lipsticks¬†and perhaps my favorite so far. It’s a cool muted grape with a creamy, matte finish and sweet vanilla scent. Matte Glam is the kind of purple that’s a little easier to wear. I mean, it’ll definitely make a statement. But it’s not crazy bright. Or too vibrant really. It’s a more laid back kind of purple.


Matte Glam has a really great formula too. Milani describes this line on the site as “Moisture Mattes” which is like a makeup oxymoron but it actually makes sense when you apply it. Matte Glam has a soft, creamy texture that applies smoothly with full coverage in a single swipe. Some matte formulas tend to feel a bit drying and clingy but Matte Glam is very comfortable to wear. It didn’t dry my lips out at all and I didn’t experience any issues with flaking, settling, bleeding or feathering.

Plus it lasts forever! Even through heavy talking, eating and drinking Matte Glam wears for well over 6 hours before it shows any signs of fading. My dad and I drove all the way from Michigan to Virginia and back (11+ hours each way) and I only applied Matte Glam twice. Yes, only twice! I also only needed to apply lip balm once so I’d say Matte Glam is an A+ in my book!



12 Thoughts to “Milani Matte Glam Color Statement Matte Lipstick Review”

  1. Jessica Ruth

    I’m a sucker for a purple lippie!

    1. fancie

      As am I lol. They’re my faves after pink

  2. ohsoshy

    Loves it! Where in Michigan are you? I notice you get a lot of collections that aren’t in my area.

    1. fancie

      I’m in Detroit. What about you? I may be able to help you find some things in your area

      1. ohsoshy

        I’m in Belleville. Thanks for the reply!

        1. fancie

          No problem! Try checking the Kmart off Rawsonville. People are always spotting new releases there. Also, try the Rite Aid on Telegraph and Wick. It was the only place I could find the limited edition WNW lippies no one else had so it’s worth a try

          1. I don’t live in MI, but I think it’s awesome you provide helpful, specific info such as this! I love the old watermelon-scented Milani lipsticks and the new matte formula with its vanilla scent! Their blush and bronzers rock too.

          2. fancie

            Thank you! I love helping others when I can (:. The watermelon scent didn’t bother me too much but I’m so happy they switched to vanilla for the mattes. They smell so good! I’m also a big fan of their blushes but surprisingly I’ve never tried any of their bronzers. I’ll have to pick one up soon!

  3. Fimaiya

    Hi, I’ve been looking for these Milani Lippies, and cant seem to find them. Im in Michigan as well, in Redford Township. All the walmarts and walgreens are a total fail

    1. fancie

      You should try CVS! I have the most luck there with new Milani releases.

  4. Ann

    Too funny. I live in Holland,MI.

    1. fancie

      Idk why but I’m always so excited to come across other people from Michigan online lol. It’s kinda comforting (in the least weird way):)

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