New Milani Rose Blushes + Color Statement Matte Lipsticks!


I told you I’d be going back for the rest of those Color Statement Matte Lipsticks! I just love me some Milani lipsticks so there was no way I could leave brand new shades behind for too long. It’s just too tempting!


I was hoping to grab the remaining 3 shades in one trip but when I returned to CVS the display was ravaged and Matte Confident was sold out. Boo!


But on the bright side, I was able to snag:


Along with these insanely adorable rose blushes! Milani released these beauties twice before as limited edition but I was never able to find them. Thankfully, Milani has added 3 previously released shades to the permanent lineup so we all could enjoy them! I picked up:

  • Romantic Rose light dusty rose
  • Tea Rose soft pink

I haven’t tried them on yet but they did swatch a bit powdery so I’m guessing Milani kept the formula the same. I remember reading a lot of mixed reviews on the Rose Blushes so I was a little hesitant to try them at first. But that rose print is so hard to resist! I just hope I like them!

If you’ve been having trouble finding the new Milani releases you can shop for the lipsticks here and the blushes here. Happy hauling!


Tea Rose Blush, Romantic Rose Blush, Matte Blissful Lipstick and Matte Passion Lipstick

2 Thoughts to “New Milani Rose Blushes + Color Statement Matte Lipsticks!”

  1. OOO Matte Passion looks like a beauty! I hope orange will still be big this year, because I really do enjoy some of that!

    1. fancie

      I hope so too! Orange lips have really grown on me so it’ll be nice to see the trend stick around. Plus, you always look amazing in orange/coral!

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