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New month, new makeup! Whether you’re hauling something new or shopping your stash now would be a great time to switch things up a little. I just love spicing up my routine but sometimes there are products I get a little attached to. Here’s a rundown on the products I just couldn’t part with last month:

Milani Matte Naked Color Statement Matte Lipstick was probably the last lipstick I thought I’d fall in love with but I absolutely adore it! It’s an incredibly easy to wear rosy brown pink with a creamy matte finish that’s comfortable to wear. I love it so much that I carry it in my makeup bag now!

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Conceal was also a pleasant surprise! I picked it up on a whim one day and was super nervous the first time I tried it. The darkest shade is pretty light! I didn’t have enough time to take it off so I finished my makeup as I usually would and the result was so beautiful. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser has been a great help for my dry skin lately. It makes my skin look super smooth and prevents my makeup from looking dry or patchy. Everything looks flawless with this primer!

Ruby Kisses Bronze Glow All Over Glow Bronzing Powder is amazing! It’s incredibly pigmented so a little goes a long way and the glow is drop dead gorgeous. I’m talking Real Housewives of Atlanta glow, honey. I’m completely blown away by the quality of this beauty!

Makeup Forever Pro Finish Powder will always be a favorite of mine because it’s so easy to use and super versatile. I’ve used it so many ways and with so many different products and the outcome has always been natural. Flawless!

Milani Romantic Rose Blush was an impulse buy because, hello, it’s gorgeous! But the color is quite perfect for brown skin. Romantic Rose looks incredibly natural and it’s very hard to overdo. I actually haven’t touched any of my other blushes since I’ve started using it!

Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM had some pretty big shoes to fill but I think it’s holding up very well! After reading tons of glowing reviews I decided to give it a try and I’m loving the results so far. It absorbs pretty quickly, doesn’t irritate my skin and is very hydrating. It’s been keeping my skin alive amidst freezing temperatures and snow storms.

CoverGirl Ebony Bronze Queen Collection Bronzer is a cult classic that deserves a following! Not only is it one of very few bronzers suitable for WOC but it gives a killer contour. And it looks super natural too! I was a little thrown off by the slight glitter in the pan but Ebony Bronze really works like a dream!

Black Radiance Concealer Stick in Dark has become one of my holy grail contouring products! It’s intensely pigmented but it blends effortlessly to a soft, airbrushed finish. I love using it under my foundation and then setting it with the CoverGirl Queen Bronzer.

NARS Abbey Road Larger Than Life Eyeliner is a must have if you love bright blues! It’s a popping turquoise-blue with a hint of shimmer that really brightens the eyes and adds a nice pop of color.

NARS Bourbon Street Larger Than Life Eyeliner was a staple when I was on vacation! Instead of using boring ol’ black eyeliner to add depth and definition I used this deep eggplant beauty. It’s great for adding a little edge to your look!

NARS Via De’ Martelli Larger Than Life Eyeliner is another holy grail product I probably couldn’t live without. It’s the first smokey brown eyeliner that actually stands out against my brown skin tone. Via De’ Martelli is my all time favorite eyeliner to smudge along my bottom lash line!

NYX Nutmeg Slim Lip Pencil is one of my favorite nude lip liners. It’s smooth, creamy and pigmented and the color works well for a variety of nude lipsticks. It’s a warm spice brown that adds subtle definition without overpowering the lipstick. My favorite lipsticks to pair it with are Milani Matte Naked and Maybelline Blushing Bud.

Milani Sugar Plum Easyliner is a lip liner I just cannot put down! Seriously. I need backups + Milani to add new shades. The formula is creamy, intensely pigmented and doesn’t feel drying at all. I’ve been using it with all of my pink, purple and red lipsticks. I even wear it alone!

What were some of your favorite products last month?

6 Thoughts to “Fancie Faves”

  1. Kay's Ways

    I’m glad to hear you’re loving the Maybelline concealer. I’ll be doing a first impressions on it soon with the fit me foundation. That Queen Collection is a slice of heaven for us brown beauties! Nice faves, I’m gonna need some of them Milani Mattes in my life, I have yet to see a display so I may give in and order

    1. fancie

      It’s a pretty nice concealer! I’ve also been playing around with the new Fit Me and I like it a lot so far. I’ll have to try them together very soon! Surprisingly enough the Queen Collection is a little hard to find here in Detroit. It took me forever to finally find this bronzer! Luckily my local Target has started stocking up so I’m going to pick up a few more products soon. If you can’t find the Milani mattes I’ll see if I can find the colors you’re looking for

  2. I need to find the Milani Matte lipsticks. I’ve been hearing about them constantly.

    1. fancie

      I hope you find them! I’ve been seeing them everywhere now lol. Check CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Kmart

  3. Cat Foxx

    I love the Milani matte lipstick too. There’s just something about it that makes is so gorgeous.

    1. fancie

      I know right! I’m not even a nude lip kinda girl but Matte Naked is just beautiful

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