On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Iman Flirtatious Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick

Hey there pink gal! I hope you’re having a much better hump day than me. My day didn’t consist of any humping at all. Just my bed and lots of pain meds and orajel. My wisdom teeth are killing me! As you can imagine, I’ve been in a pretty cranky mood all day. The only thing that managed to cheer me up today was how good I looked in the Iman Flirtatious Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick. Even on my death bed this lipstick looks beautiful!

Iman Flirtatious Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick

That’s why it’s only right that it gets tons of praise and adoration this week as my Pink Wednesday feature. A lipstick that can make you feel glamorous even in zombie mode? Gimme!

Flirtatious is a bright, hot fuchsia-pink with a glossy finish that’ll flatter a variety of complexions and brighten any look. It’s a bold, fun pink that’ll definitely turn lots of heads in the spring and summer.

Iman Flirtatious Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick

Flirtatious isn’t the most unique pink but the formula definitely sets it apart from the rest! It glides on effortlessly with intense pigmentation and a super creamy, lightweight emollient texture that’s lightly moisturizing and incredibly comfortable to wear. The color doesn’t settle into lip lines or emphasize flakes much so it looks great on even the driest of lips. I did experience some slight bleeding (due to the emollient texture) but a lip liner and light hand really helped keep things in place.

Did I mention Flirtatious lasts like forever, too? Because it does! This baby wears for a solid 5-7 hours before I notice even the slightest of fading. It even leaves behind a pretty intense stain once it’s gone so you’ll be sporting Flirtatious lips all day long without touch-ups.

I know the Iman Luxury Moisturizing Lipsticks are a little pricey ($10 a pop) but I honestly can’t rave about them enough! I’ve only tried a handful of shades so far but I’ve yet to be disappointed. I’m already plotting my next trip to Walgreens to pick up more!

Iman Flirtatious Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick

Iman Flirtatious Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick

29 Thoughts to “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!”

  1. Katherine T.

    Oh my, that is a gorgeous-looking pink on you, makes your lips look so smooth and shiny!! Hope your toothache goes away soon. I had 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled (no fun), but they left the others alone.

    1. fancie

      That’s why I just LOVE Iman lipsticks! No matter what my lips are going through they make them look flawless lol. I’ve had one of my wisdom teeth pulled before and honestly I cannot wait to get rid of the other 3! I had an abscess (probably what’s happening again now) and I was in SO much unbearable, shooting pain that I was on cloud 9 by the time I got it pulled LOL.

      1. Katherine T.

        Oh no! But probably better to get rid of them. They left 2 of mine behind, but they crowd my other teeth and that can cause problems too. Hope you feel better real soon. Hey, at least your lips look great 🙂

        1. fancie

          Yes it’s definitely better to get rid of them! I’m actually making plans to get the rest of them removed asap. I can’t take this pain much longer! But thank you. Lol that makes me feel a little better

  2. Just stunning! I enjoy your blog Fancy. Your quite the writer. Your blogs are precise, full of content and enjoyable. So sorry to hear about your toothache…. ugh, I know about those. I had four wisdom teeth cut out many years ago. Thank goodness you have pain meds…. have you ever tried whole cloves? They work really well. I have a blog of a different type – it’s about life, transformation, and God. I’d be honored if you’d give a look see sometime. It’s at http://gbullard.blogspot.com. Happy blogging!!!

    1. fancie

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m in pain and emotional because I’m in pain lol. It just means a lot right now :). Thank you! This is the second time I’ve heard about trying cloves so I’m going to brave the elements and search for some today. Hopefully, I can have a bit of relief. Thanks again, Gina!

      1. You’re so welcome hon, I sure hope it helps and you feel better soon!!! I know all about those teeth hurting! Bless you’re heart! Just bite down on them, and it should help!!! It tastes a bit bad, but it numbs. Keep up the fantastic work! Oh by the way, what is your favorite mascara? Just wondering ??? I adore Lancome – but it’s just so pricey – I keep hearing about Loreal carbon black, but I just hate to buy another — I have like six drug store mascara’s. ! LOL I’m SO fussy!!! Happy blogging!!! Gina

        1. fancie

          Lol I’ve actually been doing that a lot lately. The slight pressure seems to take the edge off a bit until the pain meds kick in. My favorite mascara is Benefit They’re Real or Chanel Inimitable but lately I’ve been testing the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara and I really like it! It’s the first L’Oreal mascara I’ve ever tried but I’m pretty impressed so far. It offers a lot of length!

          1. I hear you!!! I had a small Benefit, but I don’t think I liked it. I don’t care for the ‘plastic” brushes. Chanel? I’m sure it’s wonderful!!! I’ve had a few of the Loreal’s that I’ve liked. As I mentioned, they say – the Carbon Black – Voluptuous is really good they say. I always get waterproof, alas, I cry at church! Our praise and worship team are So good. Just an old softie I guess! I’m due for a new high end mascara, but I’d sure rather now pay 27.50 at Lancome. Oh well, the price we pay for luxurious lashes!!!! I even bought the 30.00 stuff, the two step deal, I can even remember what it’s called now, used it once and hated it. I can’t sell it, because I used it! That bites. Anyway — I sure hope that tooth gets better soon! Prayers hon,

          2. fancie

            You’ll definitely like Miss Manga then! I ended up bursting into tears before I got rushed to emergency and it held up pretty well lol. Now I’m curious to try the other one. I think I’ll pick it up this week since I have a CVS coupon. Again, thank you so much for your support and prayer. It’s greatly appreciated and probably why I’m feeling much better!

          3. Awe, Fancie, you had to go to emergency? I’m so sorry!!!! Well, that is a way to find out if your mascara is working! EEKS! Bless your heart. Was it your tooth? None of my business I know, just wondering for prayer’s sake. Yes, I just prayed for you…again, love. Goodness you’re having a time of it. Glad to hear that you’re feeling much better. You had me worried. I think I tried the Miss Manga when it first came out and returned it, I don’t remember? I’ve tried SO many. Anyway hon, you are such a pretty girl. Bright completion – and great lips. I have very small lips, heck you’d miss them if I didn’t outline them!
            Have you tried the ELF HD powders? I got one today and a new brush. A kabuki. I am currently using bare minerals. I don’t like it much — but I spent 27.00 on it so that’s what I’m using!! I was using Kat Vondee’s (spelling) tattoo powder – but it was SO heavy. I have acne scarring and I hate my complexion. The switch was significant, but it looks okay. I want to try MUFE’s HD liquid, and I might one of these days when I get another job. I’m currently unemployed…. scary. I’m disabled so I have an income. It’s just impossible to get things now, just staples. We have a huge snow coming — so no looking for work for a few days. I should start my own make up blog, there are just so many out there. Have you ever watched goss make up artist on youtube? He’s great.
            Anyway hon, I’ll let you go — I’ve enjoyed communicating with you and I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling better!!! Prayer works!!!!
            Grace and Peace

          4. fancie

            Yes it does! I’ve been doing great this week thanks to all your kind words. I’m also unemployed at the moment so I totally understand your struggle. That’s why I switched to more drugstore stuff for a while. It’s a little easier on the budget lol. I pray that you’re able to find exactly the job you’re looking for! In the meantime, I think starting a blog would be a great idea. Sometimes this is the only thing keeping me going lol. It just takes my mind off reality and gives me an outlet to channel my energy into. I see a lot of people get discouraged since blogging is so popular now but there’s a niche for everything. It’s just about finding where you fit in! I’m also a HUGE fan of Goes on YouTube! Have you checked out Jordan Liberty or Makeup Designory? They’re pretty good and informative too. I think you’ll like them

          5. Hi Fancie,
            I didn’t see this until now- thank you for your encouraging words hon! Sorry to hear that you’re unemployed also… I’ll tell you what, you are very disciplined, especially with your blog! Good for you! You are good at it too. I wouldn’t know where to begin! I do different eye looks, sometimes blending up to 5 different shadows, but I don’t know how to up load the pics and things. I guess it all depends upon the blog that you choose. I’d love it. It would give me something to focus on too! I have enough products and I’m always buying new things. Are you sponsored? Do you get your make-up at a discount yet? You should really think about it, as good as you are — you could do more high-end stuff! I know Karen @ MBB gets tons of stuff – I’m so envious of her! She gets everything.. I’d love to be her sister or best friend!!!! You are certainly pretty enough and have the features that people would follow you. We just need to get you out there! Do you post your blog to your fb page, or do you pin it? I do mine! I still don’t get many hits, but mine is much different. Anyhoodles – I wish you great favor of God – and you too will find the job that God has for you! I’ll check out the people that you suggested… Thank you!!! Gina

          6. fancie

            I’m not sponsored yet but I’m definitely working on it! Especially now that I’m not working anymore. I can’t buy all the good stuff like I used to. Just some bits from time to time. I’d love to be like Karen! She’s such a doll and soo informative. A great example of the lengths I’m trying to reach here! I share my posts regularly on all of my social media and it’s been working pretty well. I’ve been getting some recognition from a few brands so I’m hoping to acquire some sponsorships very soon!

          7. Well – your definitely good enough! You keep working at it and i’ll keep praying and one day – it will happen! I just spent over two hours playing– and i’m going to see if I can upload a photo of this eye look. I don’t know how but I’m going to see if I can do it. I just used the MUG eye shadow I bought. Fab consistency, one brush swipe was all I had to do – but I noticed it seemed to diminish a bit as I did the rest of my eye? I used Too Faced primer – as always, so I layered it with a gold from my Mabelline Nudes pallet. I Don’t know how it’s going to wear? We’ll see. I’m not feeling well today – I’ve had some sort of nasty virus for the last week. However I’m always up for make up!!! Maybe you’ll see my eyes in a bit!!! LOL : )

          8. fancie

            Have you tried using a base too? Next time, apply a thin layer of cream shadow over your primer. It’ll help intensify the color and keep it fading as you blend. Have you considered joining Instagram?

          9. I’ve not tried that. No, I haven’t – I might just do that. Is that fun?

          10. fancie

            Yes! You can upload your looks and connect with people all over. I love following makeup companies because they’re always showing sneak peeks of upcoming products. Plus, they help you find artists and other makeup junkies to follow. Instagram is inspiring and enabling all at once lol. I love it!

          11. hmmm…. maybe I’ll try it. I guess I’m odd, I hate my own pics! I tried to take a pic of that eye look i did and I just couldn’t get it right. Do you uses your phone? I guess you do if the app in on your phone… silly question Gina. I’m just so critical. LOL

          12. fancie

            Lol yes! If you have a tablet you can use that too. Let me know if you decide to join so I can follow you!

          13. LOL! I don’t have a tablet hon, and I keep trying to take pictures of my eye looks, but they keep turning out horrible! I did a really pretty smokey eye yesterday for church but they pics from my phone were horrible. What gives? I did some from (I even tried this) backwards forwards – out of the mirror – but they were just awful. Maybe the tablet is why yours turn out so great. I guess I’m just getting old….(pouty face) all I see are wrinkles and lines…. le sigh….

          14. fancie

            I wish tablets help but usually the cameras are no better lol. Capturing makeup looks is really hard! I have the same problem ALL the time lol. It either looks nonexistent or horrible. I find that for eye looks you really have to pack it on for the camera to do the look any justice. Making sure you have some great lighting really helps too. If you can, try to take your pics in direct sunlight– like outside or next to a window. This is how I’ve resorted to taking makeup selfies and part of the reason I don’t post them too often lol. It takes a lot to get a good shot

          15. I can see that. I am a member @ Beautylish – if you’ve heard of it- it’s were women rate make-up. They post looks all the time. They always look SO good, and shoot, I just look old and wrinkled! LOL. I’ll opt out for now until I figure out how to do this, and the interesting thing is I have a pretty good camera on this iPhone. I don’t know! I do know that I’m pretty good with eyeshadow. I have gotten compliments before – not that this matters, but it’s fun, ya know ? What I would hate is trying then, to have to remember one of the six that you blended!!! LOL!!!!!

          16. And thanks for the tips Fancie!!!! <3

          17. I will let you know. I’m almost afraid to do anything that will give me more access to new make-up – or new looks, being that I can’t afford what’s out there now! LOL

  3. Alaina

    It looks gorgeous on you Fancie and the pigment is amazing! I don’t know if I can get these in the UK but hopefully I’ll be able to.

    Alaina |
    Urban-Glam Fashion Blog

    1. fancie

      Thanks Alaina! I hope you’re able to find them over the pond. I think you’d love them too!

    1. fancie

      Thanks, Jessica!

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