The Luxury of Black Beauty


In honor of Black History Month, I thought it would be fitting to showcase some amazing products that come from black owned beauty brands. They could really use the praise! Even in 2015, it’s still hard to find shades of makeup suitable for women with deeper complexions. That’s why I really appreciate brands like Iman Cosmetics.


Iman Cosmetics was founded in 1994 by the effortlessly gorgeous supermodel, Iman, in an effort to bridge the gap between makeup and women of color. Since then, Iman Cosmetics has reached impeccable heights–including being one of the top selling foundation brands of Walgreens. And the home of the best lipsticks I have ever tried!


The Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick formula is smooth, creamy, hydrating, pigmented and long lasting. Pretty much everything I could ever wish for! Taboo was the first shade I tried and it was like a gift to my dry lips. So much color. And that buttery texture! It was in that moment I realized I need all of the shades. All of them!

Since that glorious moment, I’ve picked up a handful of beautiful shades but I still want to collect more Iman products. I’m really starting to love them! Especially these beautiful lipsticks. Aren’t they just perfect for the season?


Wild Thing, Flirtatious, Black Brandy and Opal

8 Thoughts to “The Luxury of Black Beauty”

  1. Leslie

    What’s the fragrance/flavor of these?

    1. fancie

      There’s a very faint, sweet scent but it’s not very noticeable. I don’t detect any taste either when I wear these

  2. Lindsey

    I have been very pleased with the quality of Iman’s cosmetics. The lipsticks in particular are very pigmented and the color range as depicted in your photo is fantastic! Thanks for giving recognition as it is well deserved. 🙂

    1. fancie

      Thank you! I’ve also been pretty impressed with the quality of Iman’s products. I recently picked up a cream foundation that I’m anxious to try. I have my eye on the concealer and bronzer next

  3. Hey Fancie, I really wish we’d get more of these brands in Belgium. So far we only have one (Black Up. A French brand) that targets ethnic minorities. A lot of the brands here don’t even carry darker foundations (luxury brands might have those options available for the North American market, but not here)! All of these lipsticks are so pigmented! I don’t think I can pull off the brown one, but it’d be interesting to see it on you 🙂

    1. fancie

      I hate that the makeup world can be soo limited! Sometimes it takes the fun out of things. Makeup should be simple and easy to get. No matter what you look like! I’m usually afraid of brown lippies too since I’m brown lol. It looked like a nice color though. I hope I like it!

  4. Katherine T.

    Thanks for the swatches! I’ve seen great reviews on Iman’s lipsticks. My Walgreens stocks them, and I want to try them.

    1. fancie

      No problem! These lipsticks are REALLY good. Hope you like them!

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