MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection for Spring 2015

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Usually limited edition MAC releases are a mess but this one takes the cake! Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably seen pictures of the new Bao Bao Wan Spring Collections floating around. It’s the same collection that mysteriously popped online last year (and quickly disappeared) but this time it’s sporting some luxe limited edition packaging and available to the masses. Finally!

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High-society darling, artist, pop philosopher, muse and jewellery designer Bao Bao Wan is one of China’s most renowned style stars. Her dubt collection with M•A•C is inspired by her womanly and brazen aesthetic, with metallic golds and rich jewel tones reflecting her trademark decorative designs.

Lipstick ($17.50)

  • Romantic Breakdown sheer nude (lustre)
  • Forbidden Sunrise creamy orange (matte)
  • Burmese Kiss bright coral pink (matte)
  • Lavender Jade dirty mauve with gold pearl (matte)

Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Palette ($44.00)

Bao Bao’s Jewels Veluxe Pearlfusion Eyeshadow Palette features the pure power of pigment in a creamy, lightweight hybrid. The shadows offer distinctive effects when applied wet, giving you a super saturation of color with metallic brilliance. When applied dry, they offer sheer coverage with a soft, sparkling finish.

  • Bao Bao’s Jewels gold shimmer, dark brown with silver pearl, pale pink shimmer, steel grey shimmer, dark rose bronze

Beauty Powder ($28.00)

Fine jewelry designer Bao Bao Wan collaborates with M·A·C for a limited edition collection of gemstone-hued products wrapped up in luxe velvety-brown packaging. Summer Opal Beauty Powder is a pressed powder that goes on lightly, delivering a subtle luminescent glow with microfine, sheer and silky pigments.

  • Summer Opal light bronze with golden shimmer

Studio Nail Lacquer ($13.50)

  • Kashmir Blue royal blue with gold pearl (pearl)
  • Imperial Green spring green with multidimensional pearl (pearl)
  • Sunset Tourmaline plum with multidimensional pearl (pearl)

The MAC Bao Bao Wan collection is now available online at MAC, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. It will be in select stores on March 5th

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4 Thoughts to “MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection for Spring 2015”

  1. Candace

    Hey Fancie! Did you grab anything ?

    1. fancie

      Hey Candice! I ended up ordering just the beauty powder. Are you getting anything from this collection?

  2. candace

    I got the three bright lipsticks lol I couldn’t resist! I wanted the powder but I wanted to see swatches on a wow first! I’m happy I can now check out your review :-)!

    1. fancie

      I’m glad you were able to grab the lipsticks! They seemed to sell out insanely fast lol

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