Tame & Frame those Brows with NYX!


Been dying to try the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade but not pay the price? Looks like there may be an alternative! NYX has recently released the Tame & Frame Brow Pomades for $7 and the reviews are pretty positive. There’s currently 5 shades available and you can order them now online at NYX and Ulta. I imagine these will be available in stores very soon!

9 Thoughts to “Tame & Frame those Brows with NYX!”

  1. Sate

    I’ve had my eyes on this for a while now. I went into ulta and they didn’t have any. I asked when they would and the sales associate said they don’t really get a lot of shipments for drugstore brands so it looks like I will be ordering them online! What shade do you use?

    1. fancie

      Hmm. I figured these would be in stores soon since the eyebrow gels popped up pretty quickly. I actually don’t own one yet but I’m aiming for Espresso. Looks like it’ll be a good match for me

  2. Katherine T.

    Interesting…wonder if they perform as well as the Dipbrow? I have the Dipbrow and can’t live without it. I’ve been using every single day for 2-3 years, and it’ll probably be another 5 years before I run out and be able to test this one (LOL).

    1. fancie

      Lol I’ve been using mine for over a year too and I just barely made a dent in it lol. I’m technically set for life on brow stuff

  3. I tried the NYX brow gel (liquid form) and I love them, so cheap but work 100% like MUFE and now these 😀 Oh my is NYX on a good roll!!!

    1. fancie

      I’ve also been using the brow gel lately and I really like it too! It’s a great alternative to the MUFE version

  4. I guess I”m a weireo – I have the dipbrow and I’m not that impressed with it. Mine is kind of dried up and I have trouble with loading it on my brush. Thy NYX looks like it would be a better alternative. I might even like the gel better?

    1. fancie

      Really? Sounds like you might have a dud. I think you’ll like the gel version. I haven’t tried these but the liquid version is pretty nice! I like just as much as I like the Makeup Forever version

      1. Yeah, I might have a dud. It’s all glumped up. That sort of blows for 18 bucks too. I really liked it at first, but now it globs and all. I don’t know if they have the gel or the pomade at the Goody’s here but I’m going to look. I just use shadow, dampened. It doesn’t stay as well, nor does it tame the brow… but it’s better than getting a big ole glob of goop on your brow. LOL!!!!

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